Take Your Event Online

We built LeaderPass for event producers like yourself! Tap into our extensive suite of tools & services for your online event. Use our unmatched experience in producing, marketing, and delivering live events to your advantage. In short: use LeaderPass to make your event a success!

Event Production

Mix & match Use your own production provider, or take advantage of our partnerships.

What makes an online event more than just a Zoom, Webinar or GoToMeeting filled with talking heads? Simple. Our team of seasoned producers capable of taking a traditional event model and supercharging it with high a quality production for an affordable cost, especially when compared to the expense of travel, meals for attendees, and venue costs.

We have one of the best strategic partners in the production world, PullSpark. If you’re more comfortable with your existing A/V relationship, super. All they have to do is a bang-up job translating your in-person event into an engaging online experience and toss their streaming player embed code to our tech team for this to work. But if not, and you want your brand and attendee experience to be in great hands, we’ll introduce you to PullSpark.

Whatever your setup looks like...

...we'll bring you into the fold. Whether you have a production provider on hand or want to tap into our partnerships, we got you covered.

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Streaming & Delivery

LeaderPass has over 18+ years of simulcast and steaming experience in the live event world. Over those years, we’ve learned how important it is to create a simple and enjoyable viewing experience for every online event attendee.

We like to say, if you use can use Netflix or Hulu, you can use our platform. LeaderPass will host your online event on our secure platform that meets the highest standards for security and compliance satisfying virtually every regulatory agency around the globe.

Your own Netflix channel

LeaderPass puts industry-leading UI/UX at your fingertips.

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User Engagement

You can’t have an online event without audience engagement. This is what creates a memorable and valuable experience for your online attendees. LeaderPass encourages online attendee participation and feedback through live Q&A, real-time chat and a social media wall that monitors your online event hashtags minute by minute. As the event host you have access to a dashboard that reports back the important, need to know engagement numbers.

Live Chat, Feedback, Surveys & more

Engaging your users was never easier.

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On-Demand Streaming

An online event that is captured in real-time and streamed, is one thing. But having the ability to share that experience for weeks or even months after is so powerful. Giving people the ability to watch your online event when THEY want to watch, on THEIR viewing schedule is why we always say, “look at the big picture”. Create an on-going experience by extending your online event with an on-demand product offering. The experience you create can be shared and monetized over and over. By offering an on-demand product you increase the tangible value for your attendee to re-watch and re-learn, and often times justify a slightly higher ticket price to access.

Build your own on-demand LeaderPass

Allow your attendees to re-watch, re-learn, and re-experience the event in an easily digestible format for a long time after the live date.

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Monetize your event with ease

With our help, you can avoid out-of-pocket capital, since you'll be profitable even before the live day.

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Now it's your turn.

Let's get together so we can demo LeaderPass for you. Learn how we can make your online event a success.