Alicia Turner

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Alicia Turner is more than just a seasoned professional; she's a guiding light in the art of leadership with over two decades of rich experience.

Bridging the worlds of corporate, government, and faith-based sectors, Alicia brings a nuanced perspective on harmonizing personal aspirations with professional objectives.

Alicia's path shines brightly, marked by the ambitious career milestones she once only dreamed of achieving. Starting from the grassroots and progressively ascending to executive echelons, she orchestrated a paradigm shift within the fast-paced healthcare industry, spearheading the transformation of a prominent company valued at over $1.5 billion.

But her true genius lies in synergy. Alicia has a flair for molding diverse teams, imparting wisdom, and sharing tried-and-tested strategies that have consistently resulted in success across various industries.

For those at the crossroads of ambition and action, Alicia's expertise is your North Star. Trust in her to not only believe in your potential but also to illuminate your journey with insight and wisdom.

When aiming for transformative success, Alicia Turner isn't just a guide, she's your most valuable asset.

Alicia Turner's Passes

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Compass Points

Leadership Markers to High-Performance Teams

Master team dynamics, perfect recruitment, champion inclusion, enhance team synergy, and foster a culture of high performance. Be the force transforming teams to excellence!

with Alicia Turner
10 categories 76 lessons

Value Every Person

New Perspectives for Engagement and Inclusion

Understand the significance of individuals and personal values, prompting introspection and a broader perspective on the roles we play within our organizations and communities.

with Alicia Turner
5 categories 28 lessons

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Alicia is a true professional — impactful, engaging, and just an overall great experience.

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