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Develop Leadership

Learn leadership and professional development. Experts from 4 seats of influence - Business, Military, Academia, and Sports.

Leverage Motivation

Learn human behavior techniques to motivate yourself and others to achieve greatness.

Strengthen Business

Designed for the entrepreneur! Align your team and create a success-oriented mindset. Drive revenue, profitability, and growth.

Build & Sustain Trust

Learn body language and techniques proven to build and maintain trust, even in the most challenging situations.

Increase Cashflow

Take advantage of steps used by the wealthiest in this country. Iron clad tax & asset protection strategies based on IRS code.

Culture of Winning

Learn to identify unique strengths of each team member and inspire one cohesive unit capable of achieving any result.

and also...

Your Story Distilled

A one-of-a-kind process that clarifies your authentic message for a book, stage talk or standout social media profile.

Transform Communities

Accept your past, identify your "defining moments" and use your journey to connect with others and transform your community.

Featured LeaderPass Experts

LeaderPass gives you access to best-selling authors and entrepreneurial leaders, including some of the most distinguished industry, military and political figures of our time. Learn from award-winning experts in personal and professional development.

John C. Maxwell

Leadership Expert,
Best-Selling Author


#1 leader of leadership, trained 5 million leaders around the world, sold over 30 million books.

Stayce D. Harris

Lieutenant General,
U.S. Airforce

team development

Inspector General of the Air Force, oversees all nuclear and conventional forces, counterintelligence operations.

Pamela Barnum

Body Language Expert,
Trust Strategist

building trust

Former undercover cop and federal prosecutor turned negotiation and relationship professional.

Brent Cole

Ghostwriter, Storyteller,
Brand Creator

your story

Ghostwriter of 19 national bestsellers, 10 on the NY Times bestsellers list,
15+ million books sold.

Viola Davis

Oscar Award Winner,
Voice of Influence


2x Time Magazine 100 Most Influential People, critically revered actress, ShoulderUp movement.

Randy Boll

Tax Architect,
Financial Strategist

tax strategies

Innovative tax and asset protection expert, Top 40 Under 40 and winner of 50 awards in his financial industry.

Ken Blanchard

Top 25 Authors of All Time,
Amazon's Hall of Fame

servant leadership

Lifetime of groundbreaking research, co-authored book One Minute Manager, more than 13 million copies.

Jim Murphy

Flawless Execution,

business growth

Top Gun fighter pilot, Inc. Magazine’s 500/5000 list 9 times, Forbes Small Giant, trained 2.1 million professionals.

Brad Stevens

Global Virtual Workforce,
Business Advisor


Built several 7-figure businesses with distribution in 18 countries. Leader in the outsourcing vertical.

Steven Covey

World-Renowned Educator,
Best-Selling Author


Time Magazine named him one of the 25 Most Influential People, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Julia Davis

Air Force Captain,
Aflac CIO

veteran business

Captain Air Force, CIO Aflac, 2 American business awards: IT Exec. of the Year and Female Exec. of the Year categories.

Jack Welch

Chief Executive Officer,
General Electric Co.

business growth

GE's total return during Welch's 20 years was 5,200%, and revenue grew from $25 billion to $130 billion.

Tom Daschle

US Senator,
Majority Leader

lead through change

Participated in every major public policy issue of the last three decades, longest serving Democratic leader in history.

Justin Prince

Online Entreprenuer,
Social Retail

network marketing

Among top 1% of earners in network marketing, aquired over 100,000 customers in under two years.

John Mitchell

Leadership in Law,
ABA Law Practice

law leadership

Active leader of the ABA Law Practice Division and for diversity initiatives across the profession.

Marcus Buckingham

Strengths Revolution,
Senior Researcher, Gallup


Author, two best-selling business books of all time, strengths assessments taken by 10+ million worldwide.

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40+ Courses 800+ Lessons 100+ Hours Workbooks