Case study

Win Win Charity's Virtual Show

Win Win Charity required a platform for weekly virtual shows to connect Vegas performers with children in hospitals around the country, featuring a blend of live and broadcast-style experiences.

Case study
Type Weekly live virtual show50+ hospitals
Name Win Win Charity
Category Go LiveWeekly 1-hour live show
Keywords Front Row
Children's hospitals
Vegas performers
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The challenge

Win Win Charity, a national nonprofit, needed to broadcast weekly virtual shows to hospitalized children. They envisioned a unique format: a few children participating live in each show, with the broader audience watching in a TV-show style.

This approach required a versatile and reliable platform to handle both live interaction and broadcast-quality viewing, offering an engaging and uplifting experience to children across various hospitals.

Our approach

LeaderPass developed a bespoke solution using the "Go Live" feature, creating a dedicated channel for each hospital for both live viewing and on-demand access.

Working with Win Win Charity's leadership team, we introduced the Front Row feature, enabling selected live participation of selected children without relying on external platforms like Zoom. This innovation allowed for seamless integration of live child participants into the shows, enhancing the interactive and personal feel of each broadcast.

The dedicated channels were also tailored to provide a consistent viewing experience for the wider audience, maintaining the quality and accessibility of the shows.

The result

Launched on LeaderPass in late 2023, Win Win Charity's weekly virtual shows have become a beacon of joy and engagement for children in hospitals. The successful implementation of this project highlighted LeaderPass's capacity for innovation in virtual experiences.

Our solution not only met but exceeded Win Win Charity's requirements, establishing a new standard in interactive, virtual entertainment for children's hospitals.

LeaderPass's dynamic approach and cutting-edge technology have opened up new possibilities, helping us reach and uplift more young lives across the nation in ways we never imagined possible!'

Jeff Civillico, , Founder, Win Win Charity

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