About us

LeaderPass is an online platform that's used by individuals and teams. We create digital courses, live events, online conferences, and unique learning environments with a focus on personal and professional development from proven, vetted experts.

Event directors use LeaderPass as their all-in-one solution for sales, registration, production, streaming, sponsorships, and real-time engagement. The platform was built by event producers, for event producers to give their attendees a seamless, memorable experience.

Our Value

We've been at this for nearly two decades and have seen events and training dramatically change over the years; from analog to digital, from satelite to streaming, and from dvd kits to on-demand platforms.

But what's remained the same is how well we produce events & learning courses around some of the biggest names in the game, whether online or in-person.

Meet the Team

Jamie Minton

Founder & CEO

Joe Carter

President & COO

LeaderPass is a group comprised of highly experienced producers and content creators. We take a hands-on approach with every LeaderPass project.

Our goal is to enlighten, equip, and inspire people to be better and do better.

Meet the Management Team

LeaderPass Reach

More than 1,000 corporate clients, colleges and universities, entrepreneurial organizations, and 1,000,000+ business leaders in all 50 states and 79 foreign countries & territories have been trained through a LeaderPass live Simulcast or on-demand event.

Trusted by past clients, host sites, and attendees alike:

LeaderPass Private

The LeaderPass platform can be privately used by organizations who are seeking to have a safe, convienent way of delivering their own customized training privately to their organization, without sharing it with the rest of the world.

Whether it's an in-person or streaming event of your own, or a straight-to-camera training done by your leadership, LeaderPass Private gives you the ability to offer your content only to those who you give access.

Add some edge to your digital training

Our process is intentional and client-focused. We listen to your goals, help you identify objectives, and bring methods that leverage our collective experience and technology to creatively share your authentic story.

We immerse ourselves into your vision, ideas, and brand, in order to help you deliver your message with excellence.

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