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Global hybrid event featuring an annually changing speaker roster alongside New York Times bestselling author & leadership expert Dr. John C. Maxwell

Case study
Type Live hybrid event2,500 live in-person attendees
20,000 virtual attendees on
Category Leadership development4-hour conference • 4 speakers
Keywords Global livestream
Referral tracking
436 virtual host sites
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The challenge

John Maxwell's organization, renowned for its certified trainers and leadership programs, faced a unique challenge with their Live2Lead event. With over 300 host sites and tens of thousands of participants, both in-person and virtual, they needed a sophisticated solution.

The goal was not just to stream the live event with high quality, stability, and security, but also to tailor the experience for each host site. This customization had to include individual sales pages, platform branding, and engagement tools, all while maintaining the cohesive identity of Maxwell's event.

Our approach

To meet these complex demands, Leaderpass devised an innovative hosting platform. This platform was designed to go beyond mere transaction processing; it enabled each host to personalize their channel. Hosts could showcase their brand, incorporate sponsors specific to their location, and engage directly with individuals and companies.

The platform managed merchant orders and payment tracking efficiently, distributing monthly payouts to each host. Our team focused on creating a user-friendly interface that allowed hosts to integrate custom videos, welcoming their remote audience in a personalized manner.

The result

The outcome was a state-of-the-art, customizable platform that set a new standard in hosting and reselling for large-scale events. This solution not only catered to the branding needs of individual host sites but also enhanced the overall participant experience.

The unique blend of personalization with the Live2Lead brand essence ensured that each host site could stand out while being part of a larger, unified event. Our platform's ability to adapt to each host's specific requirements, combined with seamless transaction handling and audience engagement tools, established Leaderpass as a pioneer in delivering tailored event hosting solutions.

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