Case study

Distill with Brent Cole

Professional ghostwriter

In a groundbreaking move, Brent Cole, a world-renowned ghostwriter, transformed his exclusive one-on-one writing process into an accessible digital course titled 'Distill', offering a unique at-home learning experience akin to a personal session with him.

Case study
Client Brent Cole
Type Training course
Name Distill - Own What You Know
Category Your message distilled, write a book
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The challenge

Brent Cole's Distill digital course aimed to replicate his acclaimed one-on-one ghostwriting process in a virtual format. The challenge was to encapsulate the essence of his personalized guidance and expertise in a digital course that felt as intimate and effective as sitting with him in person.

This required not just high-quality content production but also an innovative approach to digital course design, ensuring that participants could experience Brent's unique process as if they were undergoing individualized coaching.

Our approach

In creating 'Distill,' we worked closely with Brent to integrate his distinctive exercise that helps participants identify and own their expertise through life experiences. This involved designing interactive modules that guide users in introspective exploration, mirroring Brent's personal coaching methodology.

LeaderPass focused on a user-centric design, enabling a seamless and introspective journey through the course. Our platform's versatility allowed for the incorporation of multimedia elements, enhancing the learning experience and ensuring participants could effectively engage with and reflect on Brent's key exercise, solidifying their understanding of their unique expertise.

The result

The launch of 'Distill' assists learners in recognizing and harnessing their life experiences as expertise, resonated deeply with participants, offering transformative insights.

The success of 'Distill' not only validated LeaderPass's ability to create interactive and introspective digital learning experiences but also demonstrated our commitment to delivering content that empowers users to explore and affirm their professional identity and expertise.

Working with LeaderPass revolutionized how I share my writing expertise; their innovative approach and intuitive platform transformed my one-on-one Distill process into an engaging digital course, capable of scaling what I do for the first time.

Brent Cole, Invisible Ink, founder

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