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Trainers & Speakers

Create compelling digital products and programs, build an engaged community, and captivate customers with your own exclusive channel.

Key features for trainers and speakers

  • Custom training channel

    Craft your unique educational space with our customizable channel - tailor it to your style and expertise for a distinctive learning environment!
  • Live sessions, increase value

    Connect and grow with live sessions: interactive, engaging, and real-time. Perfect for adding VIP level training access, growing your content, and community engagement.
  • Monetize your expertise

    Turn your real-world expertise into revenue with our all-in-one solution. From design to setup - we handle the details, you focus on teaching. Related Done for you vs the surprising costs of trying to do it yourself

I provided 25 lessons I could teach based on my experience as a non-profit event producer. They provided back a fully built out blueprint with lesson categories, micro-topics based on my outline. All I had to do was show up to the studio, follow their lead, and teach what I already knew.

Tiffany G., Non-profit event consultant, Hello Sales

Unleash your expertise

Create a dynamic, engaging training program that captivates your customers from start to finish.

Select a feature...

  • Blueprinting

    We'll help you get organized.

    Content organization and planning

    We help you optimize your expertise by crafting engaging, well-structured digital content.

    • Work with our specialists to create a unique structure, ensuring logical, coherent content delivery.

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    • Build a clear, intuitive course framework to guide learners smoothly through their educational journey.

  • Digitize your expertise

    Transform your knowledge into engaging digital formats.

    Capture your expertise

    Transform your knowledge into engaging digital formats.

    • Converting your expertise into accessible digital formats allows you to scale your reach. Record at your desk or use your own production team.

    • Leverage our facility, crew, and team to help you create high-quality digital training content.

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  • Your own channel

    Your channel on the Leaderpass Platform

    Your brand and channel setup

    Immerse yourself in a uniquely crafted digital environment with LeaderPass, where your brand's distinct colors and event theme are brought to life, enriched with interactive features for a truly engaging and memorable experience.

    • Our professional designers customize your new training channel to represent your brand with professional flare.

    • We help you name each category of training, modules, and micro-lessons for a easy and engaging user experience.

    • Our on-staff content experts create your workbooks, quizzes, and resources based on your training to align with your training program theme.

  • Coaching platform

    White-glove service & a dependable platform

    Go Live to your client group

    Pick your date and time and our team will handle the rest.

    • Enhance your coaching with our Zoom-less experience in 1080p that provides a professional, show-like atmosphere on your new training channel.

      Or use your own streaming account and we'll connect the dots to your channel.
    • Our skilled virtual producers accompany you throughout your live session from our headquarters, expertly monitoring everything from the initial countdown to the final sign-off.

    • Live user support from our end means no client of yours (free or paid) is left behind, and you have worry-free tech.

  • Registration & user onboarding

    We build a dynamic sales page or to handle transactions

    Sales page, imports, or free registration

    We build a dynamic registration experiences to handle client onboarding for you.

    • Our designers create an upleveled, professionally designed sales page to enhancing user engagement with your new offer from the start.

    • You can also import existing clients or users with ease, allowing for instant access to your new channel.

    • We're also happy to help you set up merchant connectivity with Stripe so the payments deposit daily into your account.

      Don't have a Stripe account? We'll help you set one up.
    • Connect your CRM or email service to your registration process - ex. Mailchimp, Hubspot.

      Don't have Mailchimp? We'll help you setup a free account.
  • Offer free previews

    Build your email list by offering free, limited access.

    Offer free previews

    A strategic and effective way to build your email list by giving limited access so prospects can give your training program a test-drive.

    • This sneak peek for your users allows them to witness the quality and style of your offerings firsthand, with certain content tantalizingly locked, demonstrating the value awaiting them upon full signup.

    • Free previews on LeaderPass are not just a glimpse into your amazing content; they're a powerful tool for building your email list, as interested users provide their contact details, becoming warm leads primed for your marketing outreach.

  • Marketing & messaging

    Turnkey marketing and messaging service.

    Marketing & messaging

    Turnkey marketing and messaging service, ideal for those without current marketing support

    • Aplify your reach with our dynamic marketing tools, including tailored social media content and promotional video to captivate your specific audience.

    • Our team expertly crafts your sales page copy and lesson plan, ensuring every message aligns with your message and resonates with your audience and drives sales.

    • We can handle your user email communications, from welcome messages to drip campaigns, all under your brand, ensuring a seamless communication experience.

  • Corporate training approach

    Build a program that appeals to organizations and larger teams.

    Corporate training approach

    Build a program that appeals to organizations and larger teams.

    • Present your corporate training material with an elevated look and feel on LeaderPass to increase your perceived value.

    • Create bespoke channels for your corporate clients, allowing them to use your content in an environment that blends your brand with theirs.

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    • Provide companies with detailed analytics, demonstrating the impact of their participation and offering valuable insights for management.

  • Bandwidth & storage included

    One stop shop for streaming and storage.

    Bandwidth & storage

    You don't need another service for bandwidth, our all-in-one solution for on-demand delivery includes everything you need.

    • Live streaming bandwidth is included for our coaching plan saving you money on other streaming platforms.

    • For on-demand storage, we'll keep your training content safe and sound on our cloudless servers for easy playback access.

    • Our team provides video player analytics giving valuable insights with analytics and reporting, including heatmaps and user device tracking, to measure engagement.

    • Player domain restriction prevents non paying clients from accessing your training content.

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