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Business of Events Masterclass

In a rapidly evolving event industry, Marco Giberti, an expert in the field, launched the 'Business of Events Masterclass,' a comprehensive digital course designed to equip professionals with cutting-edge strategies and insights.

Case study
Client Marco Giberti
Type Digital course20 faculty speakers
Name Business of Events Masterclass
Category Event planner education
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The challenge

The Business of Events Masterclass, initiated by Marco Giberti, presented the challenge of not only creating and organizing compelling content but also delivering it through an innovative LeaderPass channel.

The goal was to transcend traditional Learning Management System (LMS) methods, and required seamlessly blending high-quality studio filming with virtual interviews, and curating content from 18+ leading industry experts into an accessible, dynamic format that would captivate and educate professionals in the event industry.

Our approach

LeaderPass collaborated closely with Marco Giberti to focused on delivering a premium learning experience, utilizing advanced technology for filming and virtual interviews, ensuring that each module of the course resonated with the quality and depth expected by event professionals.

Our team worked diligently to structure the content to align with CMP accreditation requirements, offering a comprehensive curriculum taught by 18+ leading experts from various sectors of the event industry.

LeaderPass's flexible platform provided 24/7 access, enabling learners to engage with the material at their own pace, interact through private notes and questions, and benefit from continuously updated content throughout the year.

The result

The Business of Events Masterclass emerged as an essential resource for event professionals, offering a prism of pandemic-era learnings and emerging customer demands. The masterclass not only received CMP accreditation but also set a new benchmark for digital learning in the event industry.

Its success demonstrated LeaderPass's ability to produce and host high-caliber educational content, positioning the platform as a leader in professional development and industry innovation. This masterclass ensures that professionals are well-prepared for the transformative decade ahead, marking a significant contribution to the ongoing growth of the event industry.

Thanks to the LeaderPass team! I am super busy with our firm, but wanted this project to come to life and it did - the additional podcast you helped us launch based on our course is outstanding!

Marco Giberti, , Investor & founder, Business of Events Masterclass

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