Learn what the top CEOs, entrepreneurs and investors in the events industry are doing about the challenges they face and the future they envision.

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Business of Events

Masterclass 2023

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Re-learn the business of events with the insight that comes from having built a formidable industry and the experience required to make it more resilient.

16 Modules 20+ experts playbooks

hosted by

Marco Giberti

+ many more industry leaders

Today’s $2.5 Trillion events industry started hundreds of years ago yet changes from those early days have been marginal. What was built to succeed then is designed to fail in the 21st century.

The Business of Events Masterclass is about change, innovation, and disruption. It offers new ways for event organizers, event professionals, entrepreneurs and investors to identify challenges and opportunities and learn from concrete case studies and leaders across the industry.

The next ten years will bring more changes than the previous five centuries combined. The coming decade will deliver new and fantastic opportunities but also be painful and traumatic moments for those who are not evolving their companies for the future.

The Business of Events Masterclass is a rare opportunity to place what you’ve learned under a new microscope–one powered by the learnings of the pandemic and future demands of the customer.

And when you’ve completed the course, you’ll receive a certification credential to display on your LinkedIn profile.

Absolutely fantastic content throughout! This is truly the latest and greatest insight, shared by some of the best in the business.

Jamie Minton Founder & CEO, LeaderPass


You’ll hear from the quickest, smartest minds in the experience world about how to build responsive, resilient, progressive, and profitable events.

your host

Marco Giberti

Founder and CEO / Vesuvio Ventures

With 25+ years of founder and CEO experience, Marco is a veteran of business development, strategy, media, Internet, events, early-stage investing, startups, M&A, and international expansion. He specializes in entrepreneurship, corporate innovation, digital transformation and corporate venture capital.

Sam Barthelme

Co-Founder & Managing Director / BrightTower

Sam Barthelme is Co-Founder and Managing Director at BrightTower, a New York City-headquartered investment bank focused on M&A advisory services, capital raising and debt capital markets.

Carina Bauer

CEO / IMEX Group

Throughout her career, Carina has been an active member of the meetings industry. She is currently Chair of the AEO Council and the EIA, serves as an UFI Board member and is Past President of the SITE Foundation. She has previously served on the Board of the MPI UK Chapter and on global committees for MPI and PCMA.

Robyn Duda

Experience Designer & Thought Leader

Robyn is an award-winning strategist, designer and thought-leader focused on experience design. She has created customer and employee-centric strategies for some of the most recognized brands in the world, including Coca-Cola, Spotify, Visa, and IBM.

Lance Fensterman

President / ReedPop

Lance Fensterman is the president of ReedPop, the quirky pop culture focused offshoot of event giant Reed Exhibitions that he helped create and launch. ReedPop is the largest producer of pop culture events in the world.

Mike Fiber


Mike is a 25-year industry veteran with deep experience across the business event management landscape in both the production and operations areas of business events.

Trevor Foley

Managing Director / tfconnect

Trevor is the managing director of tfconnect. He has over 30 years' experience in exhibitions and conferences, as well as a track record of launching and growing great events for organizers.

Dahlia El Gazzar

Founder / Dahlia+

Dahlia El Gazzar founded Dahlia+ after working with tech companies and event industry trailblazers and discovering the need to close the gap between great tech and adoption. She is known as the 'go-to' source for trend-setting solutions, eventtech news, event marketing, and social media expertise.

Tom Kemp

Chairman & CEO / Northstar Travel Group

Tom has a unique combination of experience as a senior operating executive and private equity investor in business-to-business information, events, and media. He has extensive experience in sourcing, negotiating, closing, and integrating more than 100 transactions in his career, as well as successful exits.

Aaron Levant


Built on a digitally-innovative model of daily product drops, virtual shopping festivals, and exclusive partnerships with world-renowned brands and creators, NTWRK has forged an organic worldwide community of artists and millions of fans since its launch in 2018.

Charlie McCurdy

President & CEO / Informa Markets

Charlie McCurdy is President & CEO of Informa Markets. He has over 25 years' experience in events and business-to-business media and has held a number of senior executive roles during his career, leading the process of transforming, expanding and creating value at a range of companies.

Paul Miller

CEO / Questex

Paul is a driver of change, leader of teams, and achiever of growth. He is an award-winning executive with deep skills in events, business development, digital media, advertising, content marketing, and social media.

Denzil Rankine

Executive Chairman / AMR International

Denzil Rankine's experience spans 30 years of advising companies on strategic development and acquisition throughout the world. Over the past two decades, he has been working with companies in business media, information, and technology.

Monique Ruff-Bell

Head of TED Conferences

As an experienced executive leader with a demonstrated history of working in the media, events, and publishing industry, Monique Ruff-Bell has over 20 years' experience within brand leadership, marketing, and events. She is also a public speaker, podcast host, and mentor.

Hervé Sedky

President & CEO / Emerald Expositions

Hervé is a results-oriented leader who develops, grows and transforms global businesses while driving profits. His business profile is complemented by a profound commitment to community development and the nonprofit sector.

Julius Solaris

Founder / Boldpush

Julius Solaris is an event industry expert with focus on event technoloy, hybrid and virtual events. He has been named one of the most influential individuals in the meetings industry over the past 10 years. In 2020, his online events were attended by over 60,000 event professionals.

Greg Topalian

CEO / Clarion Events North America & LeftField Media

As CEO of Clarion, Greg has accelerated the North American business through strategic acquisitions, product diversification and innovative new approaches to deliver customer value both digitally and face-to-face.

Jay Weintraub

CEO & Founder / Connectiv Holdings

Jay is an early digital marketer who transformed a deep domain expertise and a passion for thoughtful connecting into what is today a portfolio of industry defining summits.

More presenters coming!

Whether you’re a seasoned professional, new to the industry, or a curious observer from an event organizer, supplier, investor, agency, or startup you will benefit from this masterclass!

Michelle Bruno, MPC, CEM, CMP, - Events, Marketing, & Technology Journalist

16 Modules

Now Streaming • new module every week

"Introduction to Business of Events" 10 min 1080p 5.1

Introduction to Business of Events: Get introduced to the concept of events as a business and hear about the purpose, features, complexities, challenges, and opportunities associated with this industry.


"Past, Present, & Future of Events" 11 min 1080p 5.1

Discover the key players in each era of event production, what we predict the future of live events will look like, and the reality of the liminal state that the live event production industry is in right now.


"Events in Transition" 38 min 1080p 5.1

Creating the future of the events industry will need courage - are you up to the challenge? Learn what you can do to elevate your in-person and virtual events using the latest innovations coming to the industry.


"Traditional & New Business Models" 37 min 1080p 5.1

Explore the event business models being deployed today, including those in corporate, for-profit, private, association, and equity-owned spaces.


"Event Launch Fundamentals" 24 min 1080p 5.1

Discover the skills necessary for establishing vs. growing events, entrepreneurial launches vs. organizational launches, and the financial differences between an event launch, growth through a merger/acquisition, and organic growth.


"Contemporary Event Strategies" 55 min 1080p 5.1

Review the critical strategies necessary to maintain the financial health and resiliency of your event.


"The Exhibitor Mindset" 29 min 1080p 5.1

Find out how to maximize your event ROI. This session covers a number of fascinating topics, including omnichannel marketing strategies, third-party event communities vs. brand communities, and more!


"The Visitor Mindset" 32 min 1080p 5.1

Get into the visitor mindset and hear about the current expectations and desires of event visitors, including the demand for solutions over components, data-customized experiences, belonging to a community, and mobile-device-based learning and connection.


"Event Talent Acquisition" 32 min 1080p 5.1

Find out the skill set required for leaders in the event industry, taking technology, humanity, collaboration, integrity, humility, and decision-making into consideration.


"Event Marketing Strategy" 32 min 1080p 5.1

Learn more about event marketing strategies, how organizers act as community catalysts, the creation of event platforms and ecosystems, and the role of technology in event marketing.


"Event Sales Strategy" 32 min 1080p 5.1

Discover innovative sales strategies that can help you with your next event, such as the value proposition of events per stakeholder, the impact of NPS and exhibitor sentiment on sales, alignment of sales with the event business model, and components of the sales pitch.


"Event Technology & Innovation" 32 min 1080p 5.1

Learn about event technology and innovation as they relate to stakeholder value, organizational culture, risk tolerance, and the need for event organizers to maximize event engagement and experiences.


"Mergers, Acquisitions, & Funding" 32 min 1080p 5.1

Explore topics related to business expansion and examine the current state of an investment when buying or selling and its potential future impact.


"Critical Event Partners" 32 min 1080p 5.1

Good partnerships are key to a successful event. In this session, learn how to find and maintain healthy partnerships in the event space.


"Case Studies" 32 min 1080p 5.1

Enjoy some real case studies from mBE clients and discover how this program has impacted their businesses for the better.


"The Future of Live Events" 32 min 1080p 5.1

Learn how to identify challenges of a post-pandemic events industry and how to capitalize on new opportunities.

LeaderPass course

Business of Events

Masterclass 2023

now streaming

Re-learn the business of events with the insight that comes from having built a formidable industry and the experience required to make it more resilient.

16 Modules 20+ experts playbooks

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Business of Events

Masterclass 2023

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Business of Events

Masterclass 2023

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