Core product

The LeaderPass Platform

A feature-rich web application built by producers, designed to elevate the delivery of programs and events for maximum impact.

Key features

  • Impressive & Elegant Layout

    Visually stunning display that exudes quality and makes a lasting impression.

  • Hassle-free Setup

    We build everything for you with best-practices to make sure your content shines.

  • Live & On-demand

    Versatile delivery options for both live and on-demand to suit your offering.

  • Your Own Media Channel

    Enhance the value of your training with your own personalized, branded channel.


  • Hosted sales frontend for a seamless customer journey
  • Invites & more platform features for organic growth
  • API for a fine-grained implementation with your existing properties

Your channel

Create your own your unique training channel, where cutting-edge technology blends seamlessly with your creative flair to set a new standard in personalized content delivery.

Select a channel feature...

  • Channel design

    Showcase your brand with excellence

    Channel design

    Showcase your brand with excellence.

    Your new channel is customized by professional designers to beautifully highlight your brand, featuring a mix of pre-recorded, live, and interactive media.

    It boasts a user-friendly, Netflix-style layout, complete with external links and call-to-action buttons for enhanced engagement.

    As we blend your unique ideas with our professional design know-how, we're not just creating a channel – we're crafting a captivating digital experience.

    Together, let's build a space that transcends a mere platform to become a vibrant storytelling canvas, leaving your audience both inspired and deeply connected with your brand.

  • Immersive environment

    Engaging settings for deeper involvement

    Captivating, interactive setting

    Create an immersive environment that enriches the delivery of your training content and events.

    Immerse your audience in a captivating and interactive setting that enhances the delivery of your training content and events. Engage your viewers with an immersive experience that brings your content to life and fosters deep engagement.

    Witness the transformation in engagement as your audience becomes part of an environment that is as immersive as it is enriching.

  • Intuitive user interface

    Effortless navigation and user-centric design

    Intuitive user interface

    Enjoy an interface designed for effortless navigation and accessibility.

    Our intuitive user interface makes navigation a breeze, ensuring easy access to your content. Designed with accessibility in mind, our platform caters to a wide range of users, making their experience user-friendly and efficient.

    Delight in watching users of all skill levels effortlessly engage with your content, thanks to our intuitive design.

  • Categories & micro-lessons

    Structured your content for ease of engagement

    Categories & micro-lessons

    Grow user engagement with organized categories and lessons.

    By meticulously organizing subjects and modules, you will improve your user's experience. Foster a smooth and effective learning path by ensuring easy access to your training lessons and materials.

    Watch your users thrive in an environment where learning is structured, yet flexible and enjoyable.

  • No software to download

    Entirely web based delivery, accessible anywhere

    No software to download

    A 100% secure web app that is easily accessible with any web browser. Your users do not need to install any new software on their computer or smartphone.

  • Live broadcast

    Deliver your events or coaching as a live experience


    Deliver your events or coaching as a live experience.

    Broadcasting your event, made easy

    • 500+ virtual events under our belt

      We stand ready to alleviate any concerns you may have about streaming your event, and will be with you every step of the way.
    • Proven performance

      Scalable and battle-tested, our platform has reliably supported over 100,000 concurrent users, showcasing its robustness for both large-scale and intimate training programs.
    • Mission control

      Use your own production team, we're happy to collaborate. Or, if you don't have one, you can even leverage our expert remote streaming crew for a flawless training experience.

    Go Live to your clients or team

    • From anywhere

      Train and connect live from any location, connecting effortlessly with a global audience while maintaining a personal touch.
    • Coaching command center

      Your hub for seamless coaching management, integrating tools and support for an efficient and effective session.
    • Go live concierge

      Enjoy personalized LeaderPass assistance for every live session, ensuring a smooth, professional, and engaging coaching experience.
    • Instant on-demand

      We swiftly convert your live sessions into enduring on-demand content, enriching your channel with continuous value.
  • Dynamic On-demand

    Continually expand, adapt your training to stay current

    Dynamic On-demand

    Give your users the ability to access your training when they want, where they want, 24/7.

    Then let them experience the vibrancy of your evolving content, where pre-recorded material gains a dynamic, 'always fresh' quality, continually expanding and adapting to stay current.

    • Integration with other streaming providers

      Integrates popular video streaming platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube, Ecamm, aligning with your existing workflow.
    • Reliable and scalable

      Capable of handling both small and large-scale training programs, ensuring reliability no matter your audience size.
  • We support your users

    Comprehensive assistance for your clientele

    Full support at your service

    From technical hiccups to order verifications, we handle it all, ensuring a frictionless experience for your users.

    Imagine the relief and confidence you'll feel, knowing that we're not just supporting your channel, but actively enhancing each user's journey. Our expertise in managing attendee interactions and user inquiries means every aspect of their experience is taken care of with professionalism and care.

    Whether it's a digital training program or a global event, you are backed by a team that values each user as much as you do. This is not just support; it's a partnership in creating memorable, hassle-free experiences for every individual engaged with your content and the LeaderPass platform.

User onboarding & sales

Transform your user onboarding and sales processes with cutting-edge solutions, expertly crafted to engage your audience and boost your revenue efficiently.

Select a feature...

  • Streamlined customer journey

    Simplified process for user convenience

    Effortless user experience

    Provide your users with a streamlined journey that simplifies registration, checkout, and personalized communications.

    Our platform offers a seamless registration process, simple checkout, and personalized welcome communications, providing your users with an effortless and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

    Revel in the ease and satisfaction of users as they navigate through a journey that’s as smooth as it is enjoyable.

  • Custom sales page

    Personalized sales page with integrated transaction handling

    Your channel enrollment page

    Provide a compelling and customized registration page for your users.

    A well-crafted registration page that highlights the value of your offering is essential - whether it's for sales, virtual passes, or free access, the impact of an appealing design cannot be overstated.

    • Tailored branding

      We design a professional, custom-branded sales page for events and digital training courses offered on LeaderPass.
    • Stripe integration

      We integrate your sales page and set up transactions to utilize your Stripe account.
    • Welcome email automation

      Automate welcome emails that provide users with instant access to their designated channel.
  • Free previews

    Attract and engage with compelling content

    Attract and engage

    Utilize previews to draw in audiences and encourage upsells with captivating content.

    • Lead generation

      Utilize previews as a powerful tool to grow your audience list and generate valuable leads.
    • A taste of what's available

      Display a glimpse of your premium content, enticing users with what they'll gain by enrolling.
    • Insightful reporting

      Access detailed reports with user data, like names, emails, and opt-in times, for easy CRM integration.
    • Nurture email campaign support

      Leverage our expertise to develop effective drip campaigns, nurturing free users towards making a purchase.
  • Host Sites and Customization

    Expand your reach with brand-aligned collaborations

    Collaborative Expansion

    Leverage the power of partnerships to scale your brand globally with tailored host features.

    This feature allows you to harness the power of strategic collaborations to amplify your reach and impact, customizing your channel to resonate with diverse audiences while preserving the essence of your brand.

    • Content synergy

      Maintain the integrity of your core training while allowing hosts to integrate their unique content.
    • Channel personalization

      Enable hosts to customize your channel and sales pages, aligning with their branding while keeping your essence.
    • Revenue sharing opportunities

      Benefit from new registrations sold by your hosts, with transparent and equitable revenue sharing.
    • Audience diversification

      Tap into your hosts' networks, accessing new audiences and expanding your market reach.
    • Brand amplification

      Multiply your brand's impact by aligning with hosts who share your values and extend your influence.
  • API integration

    Connect existing systems with ease

    Simplify your digital integration

    Integrate your current registration and payment systems effortlessly using our RESTful API. This simple connection ensures that users can instantly set up their account and access their channels on our platform without any delays.

    Note: Implementing our API requires some technical expertise. If your team lacks this, consider using our ready-made registration sales page for an equally efficient experience.

    • Own payment processing

      Handle payments and registrations directly through your system.
    • Instant account setup

      Users can immediately access their channel upon registration.
    • Manage access and orders

      Easily remove access or cancel orders via the API, giving you full control.
  • Affiliate links

    Leverage referral links for effective promotion

    Expand your reach

    Use referral links for effective tracking and rewarding promoters.

    Embrace the power of referral links to expand your market reach. These links allow for efficient tracking and payouts, incentivizing others to promote your training or event, growing your audience and revenue.

  • Invites & magic links

    Direct access links that bypass standard entry points

    Exclusive access simplified

    Provide immediate access to your channel with specialized links.

    Offer instant access to your channel with invites and magic links. These tools bypass the paywall, granting immediate entry and simplifying the user experience. Ideal for special guests or VIP users, they provide a direct and hassle-free way to engage with your content.

User engagement

Ignite enthusiasm and participation with our suite of user engagement tools, perfectly designed to make every interaction more interactive, informative, and enjoyable.

Select an engagement feature...

  • Live chat

    Interactive real-time conversations

    Engage in real-time

    Dynamic interactions with live chat capabilities.

    Facilitate immediate and lively discussions through live chat. This feature allows for real-time engagement, making your users feel more connected and involved.

    The instant exchange of ideas and feedback creates a vibrant community atmosphere that enhances the experience.

  • Live polls

    Instant audience feedback

    Gauge audience sentiment

    Utilize live polls to understand and interact with your audience.

    Integrate live polls to gather instant feedback, making your sessions interactive and informative. They inject a dynamic and interactive element into events, making each session more lively and engaging for participants.

    This tool is excellent for understanding audience preferences, tailoring your content to their interests, and making them feel valued and heard.

  • Quizzes & surveys

    Knowledge check-ins

    Interactive learning & measurement

    Enhance engagement with quizzes and surveys.

    Quizzes are a fantastic way to keep your audience engaged and check their understanding. With our multiple-choice format and scoring system, you can easily assess how well your content is being absorbed.

    Think of it as a friendly nudge to ensure everyone's on track.

    But that's not all – our quizzes can also transform into survey forms, allowing for open-ended responses.

    This means you get to dive into detailed insights, as you can download a report of each participant's answers and thoughts, giving you a deeper understanding of your audience's experience.

  • Private notes

    Personalize learning with individual annotations

    Insightful annotations

    Encourage active learning with private user notes.

    Private notes are an exclusive feature designed to enrich each user's learning journey. As users watch a training micro-lesson, they can jot down their thoughts and insights, creating a personal repository of knowledge.

    Each note is linked directly to the specific video segment, making it incredibly easy to revisit and reflect on key moments. Just a simple click on their note, and the relevant lesson springs back to life, playing right where they left their thoughts.

    This connection between learning and note-taking not only personalizes their experience but also solidifies their understanding, transforming the way they interact with your content.

  • Mark lessons complete

    Acknowledge learning milestones

    Celebrate & measure progress

    Celebrate and track progress effectively with our 'Mark Complete' feature.

    Each micro-lesson, workbook, or quiz in your channel includes a checkbox for users to click once they've finished.

    This serves a dual purpose: Firstly, it visually indicates to users which lessons they've completed by graying them out, providing a clear overview of their progress. Secondly, it records completion rates, offering valuable data for channel managers.

    This feature allows you to monitor the percentage of content consumed either by individual users or groups, giving you a comprehensive understanding of engagement levels and learning progress.

    This insight is instrumental in ensuring that your content is effectively reaching and impacting your audience.

  • Breakouts & group meetings

    Leverage popular platforms for extensive collaboration

    Connect and engage

    Enrich your events with breakout sessions.

    • Platform synergy

      Incorporate your channel with Zoom, StreamYard, Microsoft Teams, and Webex for extensive breakout room capabilities that you're comfortable with.
    • Flexible Breakout Management

      Host varied breakout sessions during events or meetings, with the ability to manage multiple rooms simultaneously.
    • Tailored Group Spaces

      Create specific areas for focused discussions, workshops, or networking, enhancing participant engagement and interaction.
    • Event Adaptability

      Whether for large-scale events or smaller team meetings, effortlessly adapt breakout rooms to suit any need.


happy users and attendees

Editions & tiered access

A powerful feature that allows for tailored channel experiences and precise audience targeting, ensuring your specific user groups receive exactly what they need, exactly how you envision it.

Select a feature...

  • Editions

    Flexible content adaptation for diverse audiences

    Customizable content editions

    Adapt your core content for specific audiences with ease.

    Editions provide a unique way to customize your existing content and channel design to cater to different clients or user groups.

    Imagine tailoring your channel with additional training materials, exclusive live sessions, or even a co-branded experience for a partnership. This flexibility allows you to selectively display or hide content, ensuring that each Edition resonates with its intended audience.

    At the end of the day, Editions enable you to create a more targeted and relevant experience by adjusting both content and channel aesthetics to suit their specific needs and preferences.

  • Tiered access

    Layered content access for enhanced user experience

    Levels of training access

    Offer layered access to your training, enriching user engagement.

    Tiered access provides a structured way to present your content, allowing users to unlock different levels of learning as they progress. This method not only incentivizes continued engagement but also allows for a more organized and focused learning experience.

    Tailor access levels to different user needs, from beginners to advanced learners, ensuring everyone finds value in your content.

  • Edition leaders

    Empower users with management and insight tools

    Empowering edition leaders

    Grant select users enhanced control and insights.

    Elevate trusted users to the role of Edition Leaders, granting them special capabilities to view analytical insights and manage their specific audience. This empowerment leads to more effective content delivery and audience management, as leaders can tailor their approach based on real-time data and feedback, ensuring a more impactful and relevant learning experience for their groups.

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