Case study

Compass Points by Alicia Turner

Compass Points by Alicia Turner is an innovative course designed to master the art of team dynamics, recruitment strategies, diversity, and inclusion.

Case study
Client Alicia Turner
Type Business course
Name Compass Points
Category Team dynamics, leadership culture
Keywords Team building
Diversity & Inclusion
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The challenge

In the ever-evolving business landscape, the importance of building and managing effective teams has never been more critical. Alicia Turner, a seasoned professional with 2 decades of experience in the leadership world, took it upon herself to encapsulate the multifaceted aspects of team building, recruiting, and diversity & inclusion into an accessible and impactful learning experience.

Compass Points is aimed to address key stages of team development, from formation to adjournment, and equip leaders and team members with the skills to create, lead, and optimize high-performance teams.

Our approach

LeaderPass collaborated with Alicia Turner to develop a structured and engaging course. Focusing on creating a curriculum that was both theoretical and practical ensured a balanced approach to learning about team dynamics. The course was designed to be interactive with workbooks, quizzes, and modules that encouraged active participation and real-world application.

Compass Points also focuses on the importance of diversity and inclusion, integrating these elements throughout the course to highlight their significance in today's workplace. Additionally, the course was tailored to cater to a wide range of professionals, from experienced leaders to aspiring team players, making it relevant and valuable to anyone looking to enhance their team management skills.

The result

Compass Points is rapidly becoming a vital resource for professionals seeking to excel in team building, recruitment, and fostering inclusive workplace cultures. The course successfully demystified the complexities of team dynamics, offering learners actionable insights and practical tools to lead their teams effectively.

Thanks LeaderPass! I had my reservations about whether this would be everything I wanted it to be, as I launched my first online training program. It is, and more!

Alicia Turner, Leadership and Organizational Consultant

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