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Jacquelyn is a trusted advisor, consultant, and executive coach to leaders in corporate, educational, and non-profit organizations.

Jacquelyn’s expertise as a leadership strategist comes from a breadth and depth of experience in human behavior performance consulting across many prestigious global corporations serving on performance consulting teams, focused on the impact of a merger acquisition on alignment, performance and outcome.

With a vast number of successful workshops, coaching courses, and assessment tools under her belt, Jacquelyn has masterfully focused her professional development expertise. She has assisted corporate clients on a number of contemporary issues, such as adaptive leadership, influential behavior, mindset & perception, and self awareness & management skills.

Jacquelyn serves as a thinking partner to senior leaders and their teams as they drive organizational transformation, expand markets and seek to find common ground to align shared resources. In a time when agility & collaboration are critical: understanding your areas of genius, internal needs and stress reactors matter to leaders of all levels as it impacts your ability to self regulate and elevate performance potential.

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I strongly recommend Jacquelyn to those looking to better understand themselves, others, and raise their game at work and beyond.

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