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Elevate your business with LeaderPass: a platform uniquely designed for nurturing talent, developing leaders, and boosting business performance.

Our tailored approach in four key disciplines ensures your company's distinct needs are met with precision.


Transform new hire integration with a comprehensive introduction to your company culture and mission. From executive insights to essential trainings, our onboarding process is a deep dive into your organization, fostering immediate connection and understanding.

Divisional training

Equip your teams with role-specific skills across all departments. Our targeted training promotes departmental excellence, enhancing your organization’s collective expertise and cohesion.

Professional development

Draw upon our extensive experience in professional training. With content crafted by experts and thought leaders, we offer unique, impactful learning experiences that drive growth and innovation within your company.

Live executive communication

Our "Go Live" feature redefines executive communication, offering dynamic company-wide addresses. This interactive platform encourages real-time engagement, fostering a more connected and responsive corporate community.

LeaderPass is not just a solution; it's a strategic partner in your company's journey to excellence.

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We captured our onboarding process and filmed it in 1 day at LeaderPass studios - unifying the training to what I want each new employee to learn, without me having to be with them when they do it!

Alexis D., Property & Casualty Insurance company

From creation to deployment: a 4-step journey

To manage our client journey effectively, we’ve outlined four key steps, each highlighting important deliverables to clearly demonstrate the value at every phase of our engagement.

Step 1

The LeaderPass Playbook

The Playbook is your gateway to a bespoke training platform that meets your specific organizational needs and promotes professional growth. It’s not just a plan; it’s a vision brought to life.

Highlights & Deliverables:

  • Tailored training approach: We identify your specific onboarding and departmental content needs, to deliver a personalized training experience.

  • Innovative platform design: We architect a new platform design, incorporating various media channels to enrich your training and development.

  • Matching your vision: Our solutions align with your organizational goals and executive aspirations, utilizing LeaderPass’s proprietary training materials.

  • Behavioral insights: We incorporate our behavioral assessment tools, providing managers with detailed reports to enhance communication strategies.

Collaboration & Ownership:

Through discovery sessions and collaborative meetings, we’ll finalize a Playbook that not only outlines the path ahead but also builds a sense of ownership and accountability.

A final Playbook packet will be delivered containing discoveries, training solutions, visual examples of the next phase layout, and a blueprint for building the new dedicated platform.


Step 2

Production with LeaderPass

At LeaderPass, we bring your company's story to life. Our on-location filming services at your business HQ, along with the option to use our state-of-the-art LeaderPass Studio in Atlanta, are all about capturing the true essence of your operations and culture. This stage is crucial not just for content creation but for setting the stage for impactful live executive communications and equipping your team leaders with the tools they need to contribute effectively.

Production Highlights

  • Collaborative planning: We start with a preparatory session with our LeaderPass executives to meticulously plan the filming schedule. This ensures every moment spent on-site is focused and yields the best results.

  • On-Site Filming Days: Spend two days with our team as we film your company's narrative, highlighting executive roles and laying the foundation for department-specific training. We also set the scene for engaging live company-wide executive sessions.

  • Rich B-roll Footage: Our team captures dynamic B-roll footage of your location and departments. This not only adds flair to your promotional video at launch but also provides a treasure trove of content for future training, adding depth to your company's story.

  • Empowering On-Site Training: We conclude our visit with a half-day training session at your headquarters. This empowers your team with the knowledge and equipment to create and regularly update content, keeping your channels fresh and relevant.

Think of this step as more than just content creation; it’s about building your company's legacy and fostering continuous development.

  • Post-production excellence: Once filming is complete, our in-house editing team takes over, crafting highly produced videos that become the cornerstone of your training platform, ready for a grand launch.

By providing your team with the tools and know-how for ongoing content creation, we ensure that your training remains meaningful, current, and dynamic, truly reflecting the spirit of your company and its commitment to learning and growth.


Step 3

Platform & digital channel construction

In the third step of our partnership, LeaderPass harnesses the expertise of our team to build a range of media channels, each thoughtfully branded and tailored to reflect your company's unique character and the vibrancy of its departments.

This stage transcends typical channel creation; it’s about intricately weaving your company's distinctive framework and brand identity into the fabric of the learning experience. Imagine a platform where micro-lessons, detailed video edits, and interactive features come together to form a dynamic hub that's a true reflection of your company's ethos, elevating the learning journey for every employee.

Key Construction Highlights

  • Customized channel creation: We craft multiple channels, each uniquely designed for company-wide and department-specific training, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive approach to learning.

  • Seamless content integration: Our professional editing team skillfully incorporates all training footage, blending various content formats into a cohesive and enriching learning experience.

  • White-label platform customization: The platform is customized with your company branding, ensuring a consistent and professional aesthetic. This is coupled with channel development based on the Playbook's findings, which include detailed branding, design elements, and educational materials such as workbooks and quizzes.

  • Content curation to match needs: We carefully curate and align specific professional development content with your current business team's needs, as identified in the Playbook.

The Construction phase is about more than just launching a digital platform; it’s about creating a learning environment that's uniquely yours – one that resonates deeply with your employees and nurtures their professional growth at every step.


  • Platform provides your own professionally designed training channel
  • Channels, categories, and lessons for thoughtful content structuring

Step 4

Launch and Deployment

The Launch and Deployment phase is where your new training platform truly comes to life. Collaborating closely with LeaderPass, your IT team, and C-suite executives, we ensure this step is more than a technical rollout; it's a transformative experience for your entire organization.

Key Highlights of Launch and Deployment

  • Seamless employee integration: We meticulously import employee profiles and integrate with your company's Single Sign-On system if needed, prioritizing a smooth and secure user experience.

  • Engaging internal communication: Our team works hand-in-hand with your company's leadership to craft inspiring messages that drive excitement and engagement among your employees. It's all about creating a buzz and fostering anticipation for what's to come.

  • Inspirational 'State of the Union' address: Mark the launch with a significant address from your leadership. This isn't just a welcome speech; it's an informative and motivational session that outlines how employees can make the most of the new platform, setting clear expectations and officially kicking off the grand opening for employee engagement.

This final phase is your chance to energize and inspire your entire company. It's about laying the groundwork for a new era of learning, relearning, and development. Imagine the energy and potential unleashed as every employee embarks on this new journey of growth and discovery with the tools and resources they need, all at their fingertips.


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