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Event Producers

Offer your clients an immersive event channel turning standard streams into professionally produced broadcasts, with a beautifully crafted platform experience.

Key features for events

  • Reliability and quality of streaming

    Mirror your in-person event's excellence with flawless, high-quality streaming - a seamless extension of your live experience!
  • Interactive and engaging platform

    Engage like never before: live polls, chats, Q&A - our platform immerses your remote audience in the dynamic atmosphere of the event.
  • Total attendee care

    Ensure a stress-free experience for you and your clients with our full attendee support, combined with easy accessibility for all participants. Related Virtual Mission Control to broadcast live with our team and tech

The LeaderPass team came alongside our organization at a pivotal time and provided an opportunity for us to take the next step in a customized digital space.

Lori Hermann, VP Content & Production, Global Leadership Network

Your new ability

Unlock your event's potential - astoundingly beautiful, seamless, engaging. Trust Leaderpass for an unforgettable event experience for live day & beyond.

Select a feature...

  • Event preparation

    We'll help you get started

    Event preparation

    Utilize our Leaderpass team's 20-year expertise to effortlessly convert your in-person events into captivating simulcasts, providing a smooth and interactive experience.

    • Expert-guided kick-off

      Begin with a personalized consultation, where our team collaborates with you to strategically map out your event's journey.
    • Wisdom from 400+ virtual successes

      Benefit from our rich experience of 400 virtual events, as we share invaluable lessons and best practices to elevate your event.
    • Your success, our engine

      You're the star producer; we're your powerhouse backstage, amplifying your vision while seamlessly integrating with your team.
  • Whitelabel

    Your brand powered by the Leaderpass Platform

    White-label your event

    Replace the Leaderpass branding with your own, creating an experience that puts your event in the spotlight.

    • Brand-centric customization

      Tailor every aspect of your event to align with your brand, ensuring a consistent and impactful brand presence throughout.
    • Tailored login, channel styling

      Distinctive login page and channel that reflect your brand's aesthetic, providing a consistent identity throughout.
    • Adaptive brand integration

      We adapt to your systems, ensuring brand integrity and a cohesive user experience.
  • Unlimited bandwidth & storage

    Stop worrying about being too popular

    Unlimited bandwidth & storage

    All-in-one solution for live and sim-live streaming, rebroadcasting, and on-demand delivery.

    • Unlimited bandwidth

      Reliable bandwidth support ensures uninterrupted streaming for live and on-demand content, delivering a consistent viewing experience.
    • Video player analytics

      Valuable insights with detailed analytics and reporting, including heatmaps and user device tracking, to measure engagement and optimize future events.
    • Versatile rebroadcast options

      Expand your event's accessibility, reaching audiences globally at their convenience.
    • Interactive clickable CTAs

      Our real-time CTA feature lets you sell products or share donation links in sync with your presentation, directly on each viewer's screen.
  • Channel setup

    Your event on the Leaderpass Platform

    Event channel setup

    Our team designs your event's digital environment, building an engaging channel for a lasting impression.

    • Professional digital staging

      Capture your audience's attention ight from registration with a professionally designed channel, hosting your pre-event, live day, and post-event content for a lasting impression.
    • Engaging user interface

      Battle tested with 500,000+ users, refining to make it easy for attendees to navigate and interact during your event.
    • Immersive experience

      Dive into an environment that reflects your brand, unique colors and event theme, enriched with interactive features for a truly memorable experience.
  • Sponsorships

    Monetize your event with sponsors


    Maximize sponsorship opportunities with tailored strategies and tools, enhancing both sponsor visibility and attendee engagement.

    • Dynamic exposure

      Showcased within your event channel, eye-catching logos, detailed descriptions to full commercials available from day one, enhancing their presence and impact.
    • Custom sponsor visibilty

      Create bespoke integration opportunities for sponsors, aligning their presence seamlessly with your event's theme and audience. Related Sponsor Tiers for different levels and benefits
    • Measurable impact analytics

      Provide sponsors with detailed analytics, demonstrating the impact of their participation and offering valuable insights for future collaborations.
  • Event registration & marketing

    Hosted sales page, free giveaways, and more

    Event registration and marketing

    Simplify and amplify your event's reach with streamlined registration and effective marketing assets, drawing in your target audience.

    • Effortless registration process

      Enjoy a smooth registration journey for your attendees, enhancing their initial engagement with your event.
    • Dynamic marketing tools

      From social media assets, to promotional videos, broaden your event's appeal, attracting a diverse and enthusiastic audience
    • Messaging

      We assist in crafting compelling sales copy, speaker bios, and highlighting unique event features, all designed to captivate your audience and convert interest into sales.
    • Attendee emails

      Leading into your event, we handle the creation and dispatch of welcome emails, announcements, and reminders, all under your brand's name.
  • Scalability

    Designed to handle large audiences


    Designed to handle mass audiences, offering flexible infrastructure and audience-tailored support.

    • High-Capacity

      Accommodate massive concurrent user numbers with ease, ensuring your event remains stable and accessible regardless of audience size.
    • Rapid Scaling with Cloudless Servers

      Utilize our cloudless server technology for rapid scaling capabilities, adapting instantly to the demands of your growing audience.
    • Anywhere-to-Anywhere Streaming

      Stream from any location to a global audience with our scalable platform, breaking boundaries and connecting people worldwide.
  • Live day essentials

    White-glove service & a dependable platform

    Live day essentials

    Our white-glove service offers robust engagement tools, a dependable platform, and comprehensive user support.


    The Leaderpass on-prem team will work with you to ensure a fricitionless event.

    • Mission control

      Our skilled virtual producers accompany you throughout the event from our headquarters, expertly monitoring everything from the initial countdown to the final sign-off.
    • Support

      Whether it's staffing moderators in chat or managing your polls, our team act as your hands throughout the day.

    Virtual audience engagement

    From support to interactive tools to build engagement, we've got you covered.

    • Live chat

      Foster real-time interaction bridging the gap between speakers, sponsors, and the virtual audience.
    • Live polls

      Gather instant feedback and show real-time responses.
    • Front Row™

      Ignite an exciting moment by inviting select remote guests or speakers to join in, drawing in-person and virtual attendees closer to the heart of the action.
    • Customer support

      We staff our team to provide amazing login and technical support so you don't have to.
  • Extended value

    Beyond the live day

    Extended event value

    Maximize your event's impact and revenue potential beyond the live day, offering ongoing engagement and monetization opportunities.

    • Instant On-demand

      Offer immediate on-demand viewing to your audience, access the full event recording as the event concludes.
    • By Sessions

      Choose to edit event footage yourself or let our team create speaker-specific segments, even in real-time.
    • Switch to on-demand sales

      Easily transition to on-demand sales, updating your event page for continuous revenue through new viewer access.
    • Ongoing Access

      Stay connected to the attendees, engage year-round with continuous access to event content, updated regularly leading to your next event.

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20,000 virtual attendees on
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Referral tracking
436 virtual host sites
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Type Live hybrid event75,000 concurrent attendees on LeaderPass
Category Leadership event, product development2-day conference • 15+ speakers
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500 virtual host sites
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Category Awards broadcast3-hours
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Custom company channels
Global event
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Client Winbynoon
Type Live virtual event, product creation8,000 attendees
Category Mortgage and Real Estate7-hour event
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