Case study

Modern Mortgage Summit

This event, spearheaded by experts in mortgage and real estate training, Todd Bookspan and Dave Savage, aimed to deliver an educational experience to a large-scale audience via a virtual platform.

Case study
Client Winbynoon
Type Live virtual event, product creation8,000 attendees
Category Mortgage and Real Estate7-hour event
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The challenge

Winbynoon - the event producers of the summit - presented a complex requirement: to broadcast an 8-hour long session from a California studio to an anticipated 8,000+ attendees. The platform needed to not only accommodate this extensive user base but also engage and support them throughout the event's duration.

A key feature in their vision was to offer post-event, paid on-demand access, extending the lifecycle of the content.

Our approach

LeaderPass responded to these needs by crafting a tailored live event channel. Our focus was on ensuring a smooth and efficient management of virtual ticket sales, crucial for an event of this magnitude. The infrastructure was designed to support seamless streaming, maintaining high-quality transmission and user interaction during the lengthy event.

Further, we facilitated the transition of the ticketing system to offer on-demand access after the live event. This feature was implemented to allow ongoing sales and accessibility, broadening the reach and utility of the event's content.

The result

The execution of Modern Mortgage was a testament to LeaderPass's capability in handling large-scale, intricate virtual events. The platform efficiently supported the live streaming to the vast audience, ensuring a high-quality and engaging virtual experience.

Post-event, the on-demand access provided added value, creating additional opportunities for learning and revenue. Through this event, LeaderPass reinforced its position as a reliable and innovative provider in the realm of virtual event hosting and management.

All 4 events were a success and we couldn't have done it without your team!

Dave Savage, Modern Mortgage & Modern Real Estate Summit, creator

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