Case study

Global Leadership Summit

Global Leadership Network (GLN) approached LeaderPass for hosting their Global Leadership Summit (GLS), a prestigious 2-day event with over 100,000 online participants and 500 remote host sites.

Case study
Type Live hybrid event75,000 concurrent attendees on LeaderPass
Category Leadership event, product development2-day conference • 15+ speakers
Keywords Global livestream
500 virtual host sites
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The challenge

Global Leadership Network faced a significant challenge transitioning their flagship event, the Global Leadership Summit (GLS), to a virtual platform during the pandemic. With an anticipated 100,000 attendees and 500 remote host sites, they required a robust and elegant platform.

GLN needed a solution that could handle this large-scale online event, provide full tracking capabilities for host sites, and maintain their reputation for high-quality, impactful summits.

Our approach

LeaderPass stepped in with a comprehensive solution, integrating our API for facilitating their order handling and provide two-way magagement of user access. We customized the platform to cater to the global host sites, employing the Edition and Hosting features for a tailored experience.

Our team focused on ensuring a stable and high-quality platform experience to handle their live stream for the two-day event, incorporating interactive elements like live chat and polls. The platform was also designed to enable GLN to design and set up a sales page that integrated with their Stripe account, offering on-demand access to past events.

The result

The virtual GLS was a groundbreaking success, showcasing LeaderPass's expertise in handling large-scale, complex online events. Our platform facilitated the experience for over 76,000 attendees, reinforcing GLN's position as a leader in global leadership training.

The success of this event has solidified LeaderPass's reputation as a premier provider of virtual event solutions, capable of meeting the needs of high-profile, international events.

The LeaderPass team came alongside our organization at a pivotal time and provided an opportunity for us to take the next step in a customized digital space.

Lori Hermann, , VP Content & Production, Global Leadership Network

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