Case study

The World’s Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere

Ethisphere's World’s Most Ethical Companies is a distinguished event recognizing organizations worldwide for their commitment to ethical business practices and corporate responsibility.

Case study
Type Hybrid event150 Fortune 500 companies
Category Awards broadcast3-hours
Keywords Onboarding
Custom company channels
Global event
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The challenge

Ethisphere's event, The World’s Most Ethical Companies, traditionally an awards banquet out of New York City, needed to adapt to a virtual format. The challenge was two-fold: providing a channel for resource distribution to award-winning companies and creating a personalized broadcast experience for each winner.

Additionally, participating companies like Dell and Voya required customized, branded LeaderPass channels, reflecting their corporate identity while accessing the live stream event.

Our approach

LeaderPass developed a multi-functional platform addressing these needs. We created a dedicated channel for distributing resources such as PDFs, forms, and certificates, along with branding materials for marketing use. Additionally, we established personalized channels for each winning company, aligning with their branding requirements.

Our Hosting feature enabled these companies to include welcome videos and training sessions, enhancing the feel of a customized, company-specific event. The platform's flexibility allowed for a tailored approach to each company's needs, providing a unique and branded experience.

The result

The World’s Most Ethical Companies event was successfully transformed into a bespoke virtual experience for each participating company and their teams. LeaderPass's innovative approach in creating customized solutions for each company reaffirmed our capability in delivering sophisticated, tailored virtual event solutions.

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