No Limits Global is about advancing the quality of life for those with autism in communities across the world. Our focus is on education, safety, and building meaningful relationships—the building blocks of positive outcomes.


No Limits Global

Autism Training for Families, Teachers, & First Responders

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limited offer Providing premiere instruction from vetted experts to improve the quality of life for those with autism and the families who love them.

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Welcome to No Limits Global – where we empower the autism community by providing ongoing access to amazing experts, teachers, and trainers.

Our program on LeaderPass provides all the expert knowledge and training that our team leaders are known for, with the added convenience of a self-paced, fully virtual training platform.

Whether you're a person with autism, family member, an organization, a first responder, an educator, or a healthcare worker, No Limits Global is designed to meet your needs and provide practical tools and strategies to help you overcome obstacles and create a higher quality of life.

No Limits Global proves that true success comes from meaningful, authentic collaboration of all stakeholders acting together to make fulfilling and productive lives for autistic people the rule rather than the exception.

Dr. Stephen Shore, Professor, Author, Board MemberAutism Speaks

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Living with Autism

Equipping families and individuals with autism

Hear from top experts as they discuss the reality of living with autism and some ways that individuals who are not on the spectrum can support people in their lives with ASD. View Pass

Water Safety

Layers of protection

Learn some tips to teach your children water safety and how to engage the adults in your community to prevent drownings. View Pass

First Responder

Life saving knowledge

Receive essential information and life saving techniques designed to assist first responders in encounters between professionals and children and adults with autism. View Pass

Healthcare Workers

Inclusive Care

Discover ways you can identify signs, address behavioral challenges, de-escalate situations, manage elopement, and utilize essential resources.View Pass

Professional Teacher Track

Engaging your students

Receive expert training designed to show teachers how to support, educate, and empower their students on the autism spectrum. View Pass

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  • 12 Categories

  • 56 Lessons

  • 3hr 41m

Living with Autism

Equipping families and individuals with autism

The journey of raising a child and/or living a life with autism can be wrought with many challenges. The necessary support systems are often unattainable or unavailable as an individual moves through major life phases.

We understand the pressing need for supports and programs for people on the spectrum across the lifespan. Their quality of life often depends upon ongoing supports that are specific to their educational, medical, social, recreational, family and employment needs.

Hear from premiere experts as they convey their wisdom on how to make positive changes within our global communities. Topics from early intervention to educational advocacy, emotional wellbeing to employment success will be shared. The key message across all presentations is that everyone can lead the life they seek, when provided the support they need.

New Releases each month!

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  • 4 Categories

  • 24 Lessons

  • 2hr 9m

Water Safety

Layers of protection

Drowning is the #1 cause of death for children with autism. Kids with ASD are 160 times more likely to drown than their neurotypical peers. 91% of all drowning in autism is precipitated by wandering, which is a very common characteristic exhibited by young children on the spectrum.

Our No Limits Global team provides training and education to water safety instructors to prepare them for teaching children with autism how to stay alive in and around the water.

In this course, you’ll learn the skills, strategies and techniques necessary to teach children about water safety and how to engage the adults in your community to prevent drownings.

  • Pass 3 of 5

  • 4 Categories

  • 13 Lessons

  • 1h 6m

First Responder

Life saving knowledge

This course provides autism training for police officers and other first responders with information and life saving techniques to assist in encounters between professionals and children and adults with autism.

Training includes recognizing the signs of ASD, handling behavioral challenges, de-escalation strategies, elopement issues, helpful resources and much more.

Sign up now to join the more than 12,000 law enforcement professionals who have received Premier Autism First Responder Training from from our team.

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  • 2 Categories

  • 6 Lessons

Healthcare Workers

Inclusive Care

In this healthcare training program, we equip healthcare workers with essential knowledge and skills to effectively work with patients who have autism.

The training covers a wide range of topics, including recognizing the signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), addressing behavioral challenges, implementing de-escalation strategies, managing elopement issues, and offering helpful resources.

No Limits Global focuses on providing crucial information and life-saving techniques for professionals to better assist children and adults with autism in various settings.

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  • 8 Categories

  • 41 Lessons

  • 3hr 8m

Professional Teacher Track

Engaging your students

Everyone with autism is different. Autism is a spectrum with a wide range of symptoms and severity.

Students with autism have their own strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. As such, it’s essential that educators use techniques that focus on the child’s individual abilities.

In this course, you’ll receive expert training designed to show teachers how to support, educate, and empower their students on the autism spectrum.

Expert Contributors

You'll hear from specialists in neuroscience, speech language pathology, early intervention, and more as they share the ins and outs of how to live a life without limits.


Stacey Hoaglund

President, Autism Society of Florida

A dedicated advocate for improving resources and services for individuals with autism. Her leadership has expanded the society's influence, with a focus on water safety and first responder education.

Paula Tallal, Ph.D.

Neuroscientist and Board-Certified Clinical Psychologist

Renowned expert in language learning disabilities. Authored 200+ publications & holds several patents. Leading researcher driving understanding & innovation. Dr. Tallal is the founder and director of Fast Forward by Carnegie Learning.

Stephen Shore, Ph.D.

Autistic University Professor, Special Ed. Expert

Professor of special education at Adelphi University. Sits on several international boards championing the incredible potential of those on the spectrum. Dr. Shore has written several books including: College for Students with Disabilities, Understanding Autism for Dummies, Ask and Tell, and Beyond the Wall.

Temple Grandin, Ph.D.

Speaker Author on Autism and Animal Behavior

A renowned autism awareness advocate with a global media presence on NPR, BBC, and TED and work featured in Time Magazine and Forbes. She's an inductee of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences whose story was made into an Emmy-winning movie.

Gay Dent-Yonkers, MS

Intervention, Behavior Coach

Certified behavior analyst, intervention specialist and behavior coach with more than three decades of experience in the field. Master's degree in Community Counseling focused on marriage and family with background as a certified CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention trainer.

Judith Aronson-Ramos, MD

Board Certified Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrician

Specializing in developmental disorders such as autism, she is a member of several professional organizations dedicated to research, treatment, and advocacy for individuals with special needs and their families.

Lynn Kern Koegel, Ph.D.

Clinical Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine

Renowned clinical professor and autism expert, also Editor in Chief of Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. Developed Pivotal Response Treatment and authored 8 books. Featured on "Supernanny.

Christopher J. Smith, Ph.D.

Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center

Experimental psychologist with expertise in diagnosing autism. Oversees all diagnostic evaluations and assessments at SARRC and values the ability to work across all age groups and engage in out-of-the-box endeavors.

Tony Giordano

Autism Dad, Real Estate Influencer

Nationally recognized multi-industry speaker, coach, and international best-selling author on tech and marketing featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, Forbes, and Bravo TV's 'Million Dollar Listing.'

Jerry Kartzinel, M.D.

Fellow in the American Academy of Pediatrics

Board Certified Pediatrician specializing in autism, anxiety, hormone dysfunctions, & neurodevelopmental disorders who uncovers potential causes of complex biomedical conditions in autistic individuals.

Adam Katchmarchi, Ph.D.

Executive Director of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance

Indiana University of Pennsylvania's Department of Kinesiology, Health, and Sport Sciences, U.S. National Water Safety Action Plan, Water Safety USA and the Aquatics Coalition.

Jonathan Hoffman, Ph.D.

Board Certified in Behavioral & Cognitive Therapy

Founder and Chief Clinical Officer at Neurobehavioral Institute (NBI). Dr. Hoffman is a licensed psychologist with over three decades of practice, and whose primary role has shifted to consulting on challenging cases worldwide.

David Geslak, B.S., CSCS,

Autism Exercise Specialist

Award-winning author and creator whose work includes The Autism Fitness Handbook, an Autism Exercise Specialist Certificate, and the Exercise Buddy App.

Tim Villegas

Director of Communications, MCIE

Director of Communications at MCIE, founder and host of two podcasts: Think Inclusive and The Weeklyish. His work is rooted in scientific research showcasing the advantages of inclusive education.

Lisa Morgan, M.Ed., CAS

Trauma-Informed Board-Certified Autism Specialist

Board-certified autism specialist with expertise in crisis supports, suicide prevention, cultural competence, & communication; founder of the Autism and Suicide Committee, and author of 'Crisis Supports for the Autism Community.’

Chezik Tsunoda

Founder & Executive Director No More Under, Filmmaker and Former Executive at MTV

Advocate and experienced filmmaker who has produced and directed numerous documentaries and television programs, including the popular MTV series, "True Life”, and the critically acclaimed documentary "Swim Team."

Ami Klin, Ph.D

Director of the Marcus Autism Center, Research in Eye-Tracking Technology

Focuses on social mind and autism development from infancy to adulthood, using innovative eye-tracking tech which allow researchers to see the world through the eyes of individuals with autism.

Claudio Cerullo, Ph.D.

National Anti-Bullying, Anti-Violence Expert and Professional Speaker

Internationally recognized as an expert on the subject of Anti-Bullying, offers K-12 workshops on classroom management, behavior modification, character education, and school violence prevention. more experts will be added each month!

The information provided was very much needed for our Security Forces Patrolmen. Even in our small housing communities, there is an increased likelihood of interacting with people of all ages that are on the spectrum. We look forward to continuing to work with No Limits Global to keep this information and training fresh in the minds of our patrolmen.

Paul J Taylor, PatrolmanOFC

Lessons - What You'll Learn

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Early Identification Of ASD

Discover the importance of identifying autism as early as possible and what you as a parent can look out for.


Signs Of Early Autism

Find out what the earliest signs of ASD look like and how to spot them in your child.


Screening Tools

Hear about the different types of screening tools that are used to test for ASD.


New Interventions

Learn about the newest intervention strategies being developed to support students on the autism spectrum.


Nothing Negative About Intervention

“Intervention” should be far from a negative experience. Find out what meaningful intervention should look like in early childhood and what we can do to further its development.


Level of Importance

Learn why it is so important to identify and apply intervention strategies as early as possible.


Adaptive Behavior

Hear about adaptive behavior, what it looks like, and what it means.


What Is Mindfulness?

Discover the meaning of mindfulness and the vital role it plays in our daily lives.


Ages And Strategies

Learn about a variety of mindfulness strategies designed to suit people with ASD at different stages of life.


Beginning Mindfulness Strategies

Ready to get started with mindfulness? Learn how to take those first steps.


How Do You Know What's Working?

It can be hard to tell if a strategy is making a difference or not. In this lesson, learn how to tell if what you’re doing is working.


What Is Neuroplasticity?

Discover what neuroplasticity is and how it’s being used in the field today.


How Important Is Listening?

Learn the science behind listening and how important this skill can be.


Connection to Auditory Processing

What is auditory processing, and how does it connect to ASD? Learn this and more in this session of No Limits Global.


Benefits Of Fast Forward

Discover the meaning behind Fast Forward and how implementing it can have a number of impressive benefits.


Why Our Brains Love Music

Hear some of the reasons why our brains naturally love music and discover its useful possibilities.


What Is Resiliency

Learn what resiliency is and why understanding it matters.


Strategies Towards Resiliency

Learn some real-life strategies that you can use to teach and practice resiliency.

+100s more!

What Others Say

The training provided to the agency was very well received and interactive. Officers have used the training on multiple occasions when interacting and investigating cases with individuals who have autism.

Captain Valorie KnightBradenton Police Department

No Limits empowered me to be creative, productive and learn things I didn’t think I could.

Tammy Stewart, Parent, Self-Advocate

No Limits Global is evidence of forces working together for the benefit of the autism community - bringing access to incredible speakers, passionate advocates and greatly needed information.

Sharon Tippington, Certified Behavior Analyst


No Limits Global

Autism Training for Families, Teachers, & First Responders

now available

for instant access

limited offer Providing premiere instruction from vetted experts to improve the quality of life for those with autism and the families who love them.

5 passes 19 workbooks

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Autism Training for Families, Teachers, & First Responders

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No Limits Global

Autism Training for Families, Teachers, & First Responders

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