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Do you want your business to stand out and rise above the competition? Do you want more for yourself? This course will help you elevate your perspective and see a better path to health, wealth, and happiness.

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Chris Jarvis has spent the last 30 years working with very successful business owners and billionaire families. He's hired to solve their most complicated financial and business problems - when other professionals fall short.

Be the Giraffe is a 24-unit program designed to help you evolve in your thinking so you can elevate your business and your life. These lessons are counterintuitive to everything you were taught in school and in your career.

People often ask: "Do the mega affluent know something that I don't? Are there any shortcuts or secrets to getting unstuck? Can I be super successful without killing myself in the process?" The simple answer is, “YES!” Your new guide, the giraffe, is going to show the way.

If you're like most entrepreneurs, you spend every day trying to rise above your competition to reach greater heights. Like the giraffe, you broke free from the herds of sheeple to do your own thing. To get to the next level, and stand above, there are 24 unique lessons from our guide.

If you want to evolve, elevate your perspective, and see a better path, then this is the course for you!

I love Chris’ brilliant intellect, wonderful sense of humor, and no-BS approach to business and life. Chris is first and foremost a teacher who wants to help people by eliminating the unnecessary stress and aggravation around money. His motives are pure, and his advice is unbiased.

Jack Canfield
Co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles

Chris Jarvis

LeaderPass Expert

Chris Jarvis is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and financial fixer who has helped thousands of successful business owners and wealthy families build, protect, and transfer significant wealth. He helps you see differently, so you can business differently, money differently, life differently.

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How to Be the Giraffe

Why does Chris Jarvis have #1 most watched TED Talk of 2022? Thirty years working with the most successful business owners and wealthiest families showed him what every entrepreneur needs to know. If you are ready to evolve your thinking, elevate your perspective, and see a better path, then Be the Giraffe is the course for you!


Avoid the #1 Time Waster

If you find that time easily slips away, or that you've been doing the same thing for a long time, the giraffe can help. Chris explains how the giraffe's habit of mindful watching teaches humans how to elevate our perspectives and reach new heights.


Stop Majoring in Minor Things

Most business owners don't have the time to do what is necessary to get to the next level because they're too busy putting out fires. The key to this issue is to take your business on safari: hold strategy and innovation workshops, create surveys for your employees, establish a board of advisors, and/or work with some outside consultants. Get started today with Chris's list of self-assessment questions for business owners.


You're Not Crazy - You're Different

Entrepreneurs are a different breed. Though the rewards can be plentiful, the world was not created for dreamers and disruptors. Not fitting in is a common complaint, but there are ways to use this to your advantage. Chris explains how giraffes are independent of the other migrating animals on the Savannah. He explains how you can take steps towards your own path, rather than following the path the masses are taking.


Why Best Practices are the Worst Ideas

The Catch-22 for a growing business is that it needs systems and processes to scale operations and increase revenues. Systemization of marketing, sales, and operations challenge the creativity of the entrepreneur and take away from what made you successful. Dive deeper into topics like the business life cycle, standing out over blending in, and how to get through the worst case scenario for any business owner.


Balance is for Boring People

You can have it all, but, contrary to popular belief, you can't have it all at once. Learn how a business owner's attempt to “achieve balance” holds you back from reaching greater heights, achieving more wealth, or finding happiness. A new idea about the timing of your goals will help you enjoy greater balance over time.


Steve Jobs' Best Advice

You have heard of the 80/20 rule? 20% of your products, services, or locations generate 80% of your profits. Do you know how many of Apple's products Steve Jobs killed when he returned to save Apple and make it one of the most valuable companies in the world? Discover the trick to saying "no" when you need to, so that your business can focus on what it does best and move away from the rest.


Who's Holding You Back - and How to Avoid Them

A giraffe relies on its ability to see dangers coming long before other prey do. Entrepreneurs' lives are hard enough. You need to identify the scavengers and predators in your life who may be holding you back or even sabotaging your success or happiness. Learn how to identify the people and places in life who make it difficult for you to achieve what you want and enjoy your success.


The Hidden Killer in Your Company

While you're busy running your company, there are countless threats - competition, regulation, technology, and inflation. You also have the challenges of maintaining difficult relationships with employees, vendors, and customers. Follow along with Chris as he takes you through some important questions to help you determine where your biggest threat to long term success may be hiding.


Who Will Help You When You Need It Most

Being an entrepreneur is a lonely existence. You have responsibilities to your employees, investors, customers, and community. These are on top of the responsibilities you have to your friends and family. Everyone looks to you for advice, stability, and direction. Where will you look? Learn what you can do to help yourself - so you can continue to help so many others, be healthy and have some fun along the way.


What Got You Here Won't Get You There

The early success of any business is built on the creativity and energy of the founder. To get to the next level, without killing yourself or the people around you, you will need the help of people with different skills and abilities than you have. Chris shares some of his favorite questions to ask his clients when they're getting to the next stage in their growth, as well as some tips for finding the people who can help you carry out your vision.


How to Bet on Yourself

You don't become an entrepreneur because you want to take the easy road. To make your vision a reality, you will have to take risks - risks that most people simply cannot stomach. The giraffe is the only animal that has evolved to be more vulnerable. By taking this risk, it can see things others can't and reach things others won't. Discover how you can follow the giraffe's lead and turn your vulnerability into the life you deserve.


Risks Your Business Must Take

Business owners often ask attorneys, accountants, and consultants for advice. The problem with this approach is that the people you are asking are focused on two things: 1) giving you advice they know to be true; and 2) giving you sound advice that will not get them sued. To be successful, you will need to do things others have not or do things differently than others have in the past. Follow along with Chris as he asks you: What can I do to be different? How can I be vulnerable? How can I take a chance on myself? Trust us, the answers you find will be a game changer for you and your company.


Your Loneliness is Temporary

The giraffe is non-migratory. It goes where it wants to go, instead of following the herd. While this can be difficult for us as humans to accept, it's vital to your success as an entrepreneur that you break away from the masses. They will be fearful of you and fearful for you as you take risks to get more out of life. But, when you create the better situation for yourself, you will be surrounded by people who value what you value. Hear from Chris as he shares how taking a risk and leaving his herd changed his life for the better.


Democracy is Bad for Business

When it comes to business, if you do what everybody else does, you're forcing yourself to rely on luck to get ahead. Instead, let this lesson push you to elevate your perspective and see a better path to the life you want, no matter what anyone else thinks. You can ask people for input, but remember that they work for you. They are not risk takers. You take the risk, you make the call.


The Secret to Pushing Through

The giraffe has an enormous heart - it is literally - 24 pounds! This is what supports the giraffe's long neck (that gives it vision). By following what matters most to you, you can find the strength and perseverance to get through the most difficult of times. Remember: People don't care what you know until they know how much you care. When you are clear of your conviction and purpose, and ask those around you for help, they will be far more likely to encourage and support you. Learn how to get past the “do it yourself” mentality that holds many entrepreneurs back.


Attract More Customers and Better Employees

Learn how to combat the Great Resignation by taking your business on safari and finding out what matters to the people you need to make your company successful. Explore how a simple 4-minute survey can tell you the two most interesting things you need to know to connect with customers, prospects and employees.


The Secret to Selling

The giraffe has the most interesting and symbiotic relationship to its favorite food source - the acacia tree. As an entrepreneur, feeding differently means figuring out what's important to the people around you and doing it quickly and inexpensively. Learn how to jumpstart these connections using a proprietary tool available to Be the Giraffe course members.


Become Invaluable to Customers and Employees

Feeding differently in business means doing things for your employees and customers that others won't do. In this lesson, Chris encourages you to put yourself out there, ask for what you want, and find a way to do the same for your team. Once you learn what's most important to them, you will save invaluable time and money as you grow your business.


Surviving Big Changes

When the unexpected happens, and it will happen more often than imagined when you worked for someone else, it's up to you to take responsibility and move forward. Find out where you're getting stuck and how to visualize what freeing yourself will look like in your life.


Don't Just Survive. Thrive!

Change is scary, but it's necessary. If you don't evolve, you will become extinct. Chris helps you unpack this fear of change by asking: What are the things that are causing you trouble? What can you do to get back up? Once you start answering these questions, moving forward will be far less intimidating and the rewards will be greater than you could have imagined.


Your Dirty Little Secret ... to Success

Most entrepreneurs have some failure, embarrassment, or dream that drives them in ways others simply don't. Chris shares how his insecurity and embarrassment drove him to success, then held him back. He shares how overcoming and freely admitting those dirty little secrets fueled his greater success and happiness. Embracing your failures will help you make genuine connections that will fuel your evolution and elevation to a better life.


How to Say No and Hear Yes

There are so many businesses out there, and they're all competing for people's time and money. To avoid getting lost in the crowd, you need to be proud of what makes your business stand out. Start your quest for individuality with one essential question: What is it that I do differently? The answer will help you identify what you don't do in a special way and which customers are not uniquely benefitted by you and your company. By focusing on the best possibly niche, you will lower client acquisition costs and aggravation, and increase your profitability and happiness.


Work Less and Enjoy More

Follow along as Chris shares his philosophy that we get 90% of the enjoyment and benefit we enjoy in life comes from 10% of the things that we do. However, most of us spend 90% of our time doing things out of habit or from misguided beliefs. Chris leads you through a quick exercise to help you elevate your perspective and reevaluate what you are doing and why you are doing it.


Make Your Business Work for You

Does your business afford you a healthy, happy life with plenty of time for you to do fun things? Or, does your company demand so much of your time and energy that your health or relationships are not as good as you would like? The key to leverage is getting others to help you. In this lesson, Chris teaches you how to wake yourself up and tune back into the purpose of your organization. Then, he shows you how to get others excited to make your dream a reality.

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Reviews / What others say

Chris has a knack for decoding complexities into simplified concepts that solve big issues!

Rebecca Finell, Founder, Boon, Finell co, and Zip Top

Having a high-priced team of professional firms working for you doesn’t mean you are getting the best possible advice. I highly recommend you talk to Chris and see what you might be missing.

Gordon Logan CEO, Sport Clips

Chris' time and talents to help our medical school address healthcare, economic and social challenges have made him an invaluable member of my advisory board.

Les Hall MD, Dean at University of South Carolina, School of Medicine Columbia

LeaderPass course

Be the Giraffe

Reach Higher in Business & Life

now available

for instant access

Do you want your business to stand out and rise above the competition? Do you want more for yourself? This course will help you elevate your perspective and see a better path to health, wealth, and happiness.

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