Join us in Playing for the Next Generation as we leverage the power of sports to promote healthy, sustainable communities where people live and play.

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2022 Summit

Play to Zero in this year’s Green Sports Alliance Summit

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Leaders in the sports world share their tips, experiences and efforts in this year’s Green Sports Alliance Summit to help pave a more sustainably conscious future for the next generation.

50+ speakers 26 Sessions 2 days Preview


Roger McClendon
+ Dave Winfield
+ Tony Sennah
+ Federico Addiechi
+ Jackie Ventura
+ many more

The annual Green Sports Alliance Summit is a gathering of the largest and most influential leaders in sports.

The Summit is not only a way to unite in an effort to increase sustainability, but also to demonstrate practices to help fans, athletes and anyone in the sports community to be more knowledgeable about how they treat the planet.

The sports industry is in a unique position where the impact of social and environmental changes are met with a large scale audience. By utilizing this platform, the ability to decrease the carbon footprint of some of the largest public spaces and communities becomes a less daunting task.

This year's summit is to Play to Zero and the goal is to create a more sustainable future for the next generation.

Absolutely amazing content throughout! Every organization prioritizing sustainability should plug in, learn, and contribute.

Valerie Ryan, Associate Director, ESPN X Games


Experts in their field discuss the importance of sustainability and how they are working toward social and environmental change in an effort to Play to Zero.

Roger McClendon

Executive Director of Green Sports Alliance

Roger McClendon is the director of Green Sports Alliance. His goal is to drive change in the community through knowledge of physical, social, environmental impacts in the sports world. GSA continues to leverage the cultural and market influence of sports to create a healthier, more sustainable community on and off the field.

Jackie Ventura

Senior Director, Sustainability and facility health/hygiene, Golden State Warriors

Jackie Ventura serves as the director of Sustainability and Facility Health / Hygiene for the Golden State Warriors. She is credited with being the driving force to get fans back into the stadium after covid-19 in a safe and healthy manner and is constantly working to bridge sustainability and sports.

Federico Addiechi

Head of Sustainability FIFA

Frederico is the head of sustainability for FIFA, with that he has accomplished several outreaches from climate change, to child labor, to green stadiums. Through implementing strategies of sustainability efforts, he has made a large change on the environmental impact in the sports arena.

Tony Sanneh

Founder, The Sanneh Foundation

While in the middle of his soccer career, Tony Sanneh created the Sanneh Foundation to help create a positive change in today's youth. The goal of the foundation is to drive supportive environments for the youth of urban America to become successful, striving adults.

Alison Birdwell

President and CEO, Aramark Sports + Entertainment

Alison Birdwell is the Regional Vice President for Aramark Sports + Entertainment which provides concessions, catering, alcohol and more to over 40 venues ranging from Louisiana to Vancouver, BC. Alison created a service and culture that has been present at the last four Super Bowls, several Final Four events and countless concerts. Her involvement goes above-and-beyond to ensure fans have an excellent experience whether they're attending a football game or their favorite musician's concert.

James Wilks

Co-founder, game changers institute

James Wilks is a renowned UFC fighter who turned his passion into progress by starting the Game Changers Institute. The Game Changers Institute (GCI) is a research and educational program as well as an advocacy platform promoting plant-based nutrition to help improve personal performance, public health, and protect the environment.

Colin Tetreault

Senior Manager, Climate Change and Sustainability, EY

Colin has served as a Senior Sustainability Scholar & Global Sports Scholar. His focus is on business & sustainability strategies and national energy and environmental policy. EY is helping lead the way for companies to become more sustainably conscious through their efforts in climate change and social change.

Monika Dharia

Founder and CEO, GreenGear Supply Co

As a young college student, Monika took a problem and created a solution with her sustainable rain ponchos. Soon after marketing her product to the Philadelphia Eagles, they were quick to buy into her sustainability act to help the environment one recyclable poncho at a time.

Maya McClendon

Founder, Timeout

Maya is a Pre-Medicine Psychology student who studied at University of Louisville and Arizona State. She proceeded to shadow several specialties in the medical field but soon landed on her true passion, mental health. Through this, she founded the Sports Metaphor LLC and is now working on developing the TimeOut App, a mental health app for athletes.

Omar Mitchell

VP, Sustainable Infrastructure and Grown Initiative NHL

Omar Mitchel Serves as the Vice President for the National Hockey Leagues Sustainable Infrastructure and Growth Initiative. His initiative focuses on the social impact, public affairs and philanthropy in the NHL. By promoting environmental strategies and addressing social and environmental concerns, Mitchell is making a large impact on sustainability in the NHL.

Dave Winfield

Hall of Famer, Founder of The Winfield Foundation

Dave Winfield, professional athlete, businessman and philanthropist, grew up in the Twin Cities. In 1977, he launched the Winfield Foundation, the first active professional athlete to do so. In this lunchtime chalk talk, Dave shares his wisdom and insights on how sports and athletes can and need to leverage their platforms in new ways so together we may build a more unified and sustainable society.

Josh Walker

President and Co Founder of Sports Innovation Lab

Josh Walker is Co-Founder and President of Sports Innovation Lab where he oversees the company's innovative and proprietary market intelligence platform. His goal is to empower brands and companies to develop game changing experience in sports. His background as researcher, advisor, entrepreneur, and sports journalist helps forward efforts in sustainable sports. 30 more!

The 2022 Green Sports Alliance Summit theme of ‘Play to Zero’ focuses on positive environmental and social sustainability impact at the heart of our collective work globally in the sports and entertainment industry.

Roger McClendon, Executive Director of Green Sports Alliance


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Corporate Perspectives on Purpose, ESG and Sports

This session features senior leaders from the corporate world who are focused on corporate purpose, ESG and sustainability. They will provide a context of how companies are navigating this rapidly changing business environment and offer insights into its relevance for the sports sector.


Global Reach and Scaling Impact

As a global organization, FIFA's 2020-2023 vision is built around 11 goals, one is to ‘deliver sustainable tournaments.' In this one:one conversation, we will explore FIFA's approach to sustainability and how it is looking beyond the pitch to deliver social, financial and environmental returns for the wider community.


An Overview of Importance of Play to Zero and Our Limitless Potential

Roger McClendon, Executive Director of Green Sports Alliance, gives an overview on what the Green Sports Alliance 2022 Summit is all about and what it really means to “Play to Zero”


Collaboration to Scale Sustainability Throughout the Region

The Minnesota Sustainable Sports and Events Coalition brings together an entire ecosystem of teams, venues, event professionals to share best-in-class ideas and collaborate in new and interesting ways. Learn about the coalition's value in addressing shared sustainability challenges and opportunities.


From the Pitch to Investing in Young People and the Community

Tony Sanneh, St. Paul native, created The Sanneh Foundation while a professional soccer player. He recognized soccer had a unique potential to create positive social change for youth. In this one:one conversation, we will discover the importance of his life's work to empower youth and improve community well-being through culturally responsive and equitable access to programs, opportunities, and environments.


Leadership and Investing in Sustainability

This is a unique panel of CEOs who are leading their companies through transformation, innovation with a focus on purpose and sustainability. Get an inside perspective from these executives on what it means to be a leader in today's changing business landscape.


Lifecycle of Operations - ROI of Sustainability, Scaling Impact and Moving the Industry Forward (Venue Perspectives)

Sustainability is a central guiding principle when operating today's stadiums and arenas. While it requires investments, this session will explore how sustainability is a growing priority, what those returns on sustainability investment are, and how sports is scaling impact beyond the venues.


Sports Philanthropy on Purpose: A Chalk Talk with Hall of Famer Dave Winfield

Hall of Famer, Dave Winfield, shares his drive and passion for a more sustainably conscious future.


ROI of Partnerships: 360º Partnership and Scaling Impact by Disrupting Your Own Business

This legacy company is disrupting its own business and sees its sports sponsorships as an opportunity to invest in and scale sustainability. Dow and LPGA will offer their insights into the ROI of this key partnership that go beyond the sand traps and the golf course.


ROI of Investing in Women and Why This Matters

This conversation will dive into the heart of why investing in women's sports matters. With the 50th anniversary of Title IX, we are moving into a long overdue era for women as athletes and as leaders through the lens of equity and market power.


The Zero-to-One Moment: Setting the New Standard for Sustainability in Sports

In this one:one conversation with Aspiration's CEO, we will explore how the company views its commitments to the climate crisis and why it is investing in sports sponsorships. How are these innovative initiatives designed to raise awareness and engage customers in making those small changes that collectively have big impacts.


Managing What You Can Measure - The Play to Zero Playbook

This session will give you a quick overview 'Play to Zero Playbook,' a platform and sustainability toolkit. Green Sports Alliance's partnership with U.S. Green Building Council's Arc, Blue Strike Environmental and Rubicon launched the platform to guide, measure and monitor your progress towards net zero energy, net zero water, zero waste, and a resilient future.


Your Future Fans Care About Sustainability

Sports Innovation Lab is an organization to help you identify and understand your fans. The sports landscape is changing and so are its fans. SIL will share new research on how to connect with and engage your future fans. And, yes they do care about sustainability.


Beyond Logos: Activating Sponsorships Through Sustainability

WM and the PGA Tour have a long-standing partnership built around sustainability. This session will explore the importance of using sponsorships to activate sustainability initiatives. In addition to the value this delivers to partners, when sustainability requirements are built into sponsorships and contracts, there is a ripple effect that scales impact and positively influences vendors, communities, and fans, and of course, the environment.


Lifecycle of Operations: Evolutions of the Sustainability Cycle

Sustainability is more than a journey - it's a commitment. We are entering the next evolution of the sustainability cycle with best-in-class practices to meet expectations to measure progress and be transparent about where you are in meeting sustainability goals.


Innovations and What's Next for Your Fan Gear

It begins with an idea, then a connection, and now a reality. Meet the young innovator and entrepreneur behind the future of your fan gear. And see how an NFL team saw the possibilities and took a chance on a sustainably conscious way to wear your favorite team.


Maybe Zero is Not Enough (Leveraging Assets for Greater Impact): What It Means to be Climate Positive

The ocean is vast, wide and the scene of our climate crisis. Those who race on the ocean recognize perils but also the promise of leveraging their assets and their voices to move from zero to positive.


Voices of the Next Generation

GSA in partnership with Knit is proud to share the finding of new research on the Gen Z sports fan. It's hot off the press! You will hear the voices of young people on what's important to them, their expectations for businesses and what they expect of the sports industry - venues, teams, leagues and players.


The Time is Now - Perspectives on Environmental Justice

A conversation about environmental justice must include a sense of urgency as we face the climate crisis. What are those considerations that bring environmental justice to the forefront and that can and should be embedded in sustainability initiatives? How can the sports sector lead in new and innovative ways?


Global Impact - One Community at a Time (Leveraging Your Brand Equity and Connecting Your Fans to Your Sustainability Initiatives)

What does a global organization and a local team have in common? They each have a vision and commitments to capitalize on their brands to drive sustainability. Whether it's operating in a zero waste environment and building sustainable practices into their operations or leveraging their brand equity to engage and catalyze fans, get the latest insights from FIFA and the Miami Heat.


ROI of Sustainability and Sponsorships

Sustainability is a core tenet in sponsorships and partnerships. Gain insights into how owners are prioritizing sustainability in new design construction and in renovations/retrofits. How does this connect with the bottom line, changes in the market and opportunities for innovation and fan engagement?


The Value of Partnerships Built on Sustainability

Discover the future of sports and entertainment partnerships as companies shift to investing in the long-term of sustainability. Find out what makes the partnership deliver on its sustainability promise with Ball Corp. and its partner, Kroenke Sports, the ownership group of Ball Arena, SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles Rams, and Premier League's Arsenal FC.


Urgency and Feasibility of Getting to Zero and Beyond

There are many roads to zero and beyond. This session will take a quick dive into the urgency at hand and explore the feasibility to get to zero. And, yes, it's possible, it's doable, learn how it's done.


Growing the Game/Growing the Business/Sustainability a Priority

How do you grow the game and grow the business at the same time prioritize sustainability? Discover the innovations in thinking about hockey and ways to broaden its reach beyond today's fan base.


The Imperative of Focusing on Mental Health

A long overdue aspect of professional well-being and achieving one's highest potential is the realization that mental health is of singular importance. Join these two young entrepreneurs and innovators to find out about their approach to mental health and how they are engaging athletes, teams and leagues.


Next Generation: Working with Kids, Sports & Sustainability

The next generation is active, engaged and cares about sustainability. This one:two conversation will explore how the Seattle Seahawks and Lumen Field are working with young people to build the next generation of fans, athletes and leaders. Joining the conversation is a high school sophomore, now a GSA ambassador, who is leading sustainability initiatives with his golf team and beyond.

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Green Sports Alliance Bonus Content

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With this 12th rendition of the Summit, we have clearly seen the conversation evolve from a strong foundation rooted in energy, water and waste management toward meaningful, holistic. And scaled climate action aligned with our Play to Zero platform.

I also really greatly appreciated the continued and sustained focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and climate justice in sport. Also, the networking, food, tours and backdrop of U.S. Bank Stadium was superb!

Jason Twill - Director, World Cup Program, Qatar Foundation

I think it is really really important that we are more mindful about what we serve, how we serve it, and what’s left afterwards.

Alison Birdwell - Aramark Sports + Entertainment

When you’re bringing together hundreds of thousands of people every year, you have the ability to build climate change fighting actions into those experiences.

Andrei Cherny - CEO, Aspiration

LeaderPass live

2022 Summit

Play to Zero in this year’s Green Sports Alliance Summit

Now available

Leaders in the sports world share their tips, experiences and efforts in this year’s Green Sports Alliance Summit to help pave a more sustainably conscious future for the next generation.

50+ speakers 26 Sessions 2 days Preview

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2022 Summit

Play to Zero in this year’s Green Sports Alliance Summit

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2022 Summit

Play to Zero in this year’s Green Sports Alliance Summit

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