Albert Tate

Pastor, Communicator, Transformational Leader

Albert Tate is the founding and lead pastor of Fellowship Church in Los Angeles County California.

He began his ministry pastoring just a few families at Sweet Home Church in Mississippi before serving the historic Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena, California. Hearing the call from God to plan a church, Albert and his wife, LaRosa, launched Fellowship Church in January 2012.

In its short history, this gospel-centered, multiethnic, intergenerational church has already established a solid foothold in the region to the glory, honor, and transformational power of Christ. As a dynamic communicator, Albert is passionate about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ both locally and globally.

Albert recently published two books. His first entitled How We Love Matters: A Call to Practice Relentless Racial Reconciliation and his second book released spring of 2023, Disobedient God: Trusting a God Who Goes Off Script .

He serves on the Board of Trustees at Asuza Pacific University, Founder and CEO of The Greatest Story, Inc. and President of Harambee Ministries.

Albert is the proud father of four children: Zoe, Bethany, Isaac, and Micah.

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Praise / What others think

Albert Tate is a dynamic and engaging teacher, able to captivate his audience with his compelling storytelling and unique insights into biblical principles. He has a remarkable ability to make complex ideas relatable and accessible, which leaves a lasting impact on those who are fortunate enough to learn from him.

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