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Make It Big On The Web by Tony Giordano

Online Marketing

Grow your business online using these top strategies and techniques proven to bring exponential results.

Tony Giordano began his career in the real estate industry, developing a vast knowledge in all aspects of the industry.

From being a top mortgage broker and executive in real estate finance, to the sales side of the business as a top real estate agent in residential, commercial, investments, and development - Tony is a known expert in the space.

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In his Online Marketing Blueprint course, Tony teaches you the same proven methods and learn the same steps he has used to help agents and partner associates sell over 1.3 billion in sales volume leading him to become a coach / consultant, and speaking across the nation.

Tony created this course to help any entreprenuer, small business owner, mortage broker, or real estate agent learn exactly what it takes to succeed in today's business climate.

Tony is a tremendous help to me in this world of “everything online”. He is the go to guy for this arena!

Stephanie Vitacco, top 1% realtor in U.S.

Tony Giordano

LeaderPass Expert

Tony has been seen on CNBC, Bloomberg, Forbes, and multiple seasons of Bravo TV's 'Million Dollar Listing' as a national multi-industry speaker, coach and international best-selling author on tech and marketing.

I recommended Tony to present at several national conferences and conventions on the subject of Online Media, where he was the highlight of every single one. Yup, he's THAT good! You'll get an immediately actionable online media strategy.

John (Shoes) Schumacher, Keller Williams Regional Director

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Finding the WOW Factor

Once Tony launched his custom website, he needed to know how to drive people to his newly created page. Listen and learn as he recounts the story of a Facebook 101 class he attended in 2009 and how it made him realize why so many modern salespeople fail to achieve the online WOW factor that's vital to successfully growing your brand.


Sales Is A Numbers Game

Are you ready to have your "lightbulb on" moment? In this video, discover the phrase uttered at the very end of Tony's Facebook 101 class that made him stop dead in his tracks and completely shifted his understanding of online marketing.


The Rest Is History

Find out how Tony's goal to make 2,000 friends on his personal Facebook page led to a surprising connection and the opportunity of a lifetime. Online marketing is the tool that launched Tony's multi-million dollar real estate company, and it's the tool that he's here to introduce you to today. Pull out your notebooks and get ready to dive in!


Finding a Virtual Workforce Platform

Finding a virtual workforce platform to source your VAs can be overwhelming, but Brad's here to help! Learn his top tips for using virtual workforce platforms and see a behind-the-link system that he's set up with his personal VA.


VA Tasks

There's no limit to the tasks that Virtual Assistants can manage! Follow along as Brad shares some tasks that his VA has taken on for him recently.


Your VA as Air Traffic Control

Think of your VA as air traffic control over tactical resources. Brad shares how his VA researches and sources workers to take on those "time suck tasks."


The Impact of Outsourcing

Outsourcing your admin tasks through VAs makes a tangible, long-term impact on the success of your business. In this lesson, Brad shares the impact outsourcing has had on his business, as well as the give back program that his VAs' inspired him to start.


Interview, Hire, and Find a VA

So, you're ready to hire a Virtual Assistant for your business: now what? Learn how to find a VA that fits best with your brand and the type of information that you should include in your job postings and interview questions.


Using Loom to Give Your VA Instructions

Instructional videos are a great way to share training resources with your virtual assistants! Listen and learn as Kaye from Outsource Access walks you through the process of recording instructional videos through Loom.


Use Dashlane With Your VAs

Dashlane is a great tool for managing and sharing your account passwords across multiple devices. Discover how to use Dashlane to share passwords with your VAs seamlessly.


Guide to Gsuite Apps

What is Gsuite, and how can it help improve your business? In this lesson, the Outsource Access team answers that question by walking through each app in Gsuite and showing you exactly how you can use it to take your company to the next level.


Creating Sales Reports Using Sheetgo

Keeping track of your sales reports is essential for company leaders to assess how the business's products and services are performing on the market. Get ready to learn what a sales report is, why it matters, and how you can use Sheetgo to create a sales report whenever you need one.


Explaining the Types of CRM

It's time to learn about CRM! Discover several types of CRMs and autoresponders and find out how they can be used to boost sales, maintain stronger client relationships, and generate leads.


Personal Tasks

We all know how much VAs can do to support your business, but what about items in your personal life that you simply don't have time for? Follow along as Amanda from Outsource Access shows you and your VA how to assign and carry out personal tasks.


Flight Bookings

Flight bookings are a vital part of your business and personal travel plans, but getting your flight set up can be quite tedious. Luckily, Outsource Access has a solution! Learn how VAs can book flights on behalf of their clients with the help of a few simple online tools.


Hotel and Flight Booking

Along with booking a flight, it's also important to factor in hotel stays when you're coordinating travel plans. Learn some additional tips and tools to help you book the best flights and hotel stays for your client.


Calendar Management

As a VA, being able to manage your client's online calendar is a great way to streamline business and make their daily lives much easier. Watch and learn as Kaye from Outsource Access uses Google Calendar to show you the most important components of calendar management.


Email Management

Email management is one of the most common tasks that a VA does on a daily basis. As such, it's incredibly important to know how to sort through your client's inbox and create a system for success. Get ready to learn our favorite tips for inbox organization!


Proper Digital File Management

While CDs, USBs, SD cards, and external hard drives may be a cheap and easy way to store your files, they're also far more susceptible to loss or damage. Instead, find out about a few different digital systems and how to use them to manage files.


How to Create Standard Operating Procedures

Having a set of standardized procedures that employees can follow is an essential part of keeping your operations running smoothly, no matter what size your business may be. Learn how to write out standard operating procedures for your VAs and hear some helpful tips to make your SOP as clear and easy-to-follow as possible.


Taking Down Meeting Minutes

As a VA, taking down meeting minutes is a great way for you to assist your company leader and create a tangible record of the discussion for the whole team to reference as needed. Discover what you need to do before, during, and after the meeting in order to take down minutes efficiently.


Customer Service Training

Having some basic customer service responses ready to use can help ease the minds of your customers as you work through their problem together. Listen and learn some expressions that you can use to interact with customers, plus a few possible scenarios where these phrases may be useful.


Phone Customer Service

Get ready to learn all things phone service: making a good first impression with customers, focusing on feelings before facts, asking relevant questions, being direct and concise, and balancing the line between professional and personal.


Interacting with your CEO & Customers

When it comes to interacting with your CEO and customers, understanding and implementing soft skills is essential. Follow along as the Outsource Access team breaks down soft skills like active listening, conflict resolution, organization, and more!


Website Chat/Zendesk

Using live chat on your website connects your customers to real people right away and strengthens their overall impression of your company's support services. Follow along as Kaye from Outsource Access walks you through the process of embedding the Zendesk live chat widget onto your company site.


Personal Branding

Knowing how to build and maintain a personal brand is essential to promoting yourself as a leader in the business world. Remember: your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room. Learn how to establish a consistent brand for yourself and how to build that personal brand into a valuable marketing asset.


Design Fundamentals

Need to create some impactful images for your small business, but don't have an in-house graphic designer? We've got your back! Get ready to learn how to enhance your graphic design skills and create some beautiful layouts on your own that can be used in a variety of marketing scenarios.

Reviews / Real customers, real opinions

Tony has greatly influenced my thoughts and business to a great degree. I am not a Realtor and have been able to take Tony's lessons and guidance and build a very successful lead generation program and convert those leads to business. I would do whatever it took to get in front of him and learn how to grow your business beyond what you could ever imagine. Let me be clear if you are not doing what he teaches, you are not in Business!

Richard Hershey

Tony Giordano is a dynamic presenter, an ethical real estate agent, and highly adept at Social Media business exploration.

Betty Graham

I was at a two day conference and Tony Giordano was the last speaker. The hour he presented on the power of online presence was the most valuable hour of the conference. I immediately hired him as a full-time consultant and coach and the knowledge and strategies he has brought to my team and I has already been invaluable in a very short period of time.

Bob Lucido

LeaderPass Course

Online Marketing Blueprint

Make It Big On The Web by Tony Giordano

Online Marketing

Grow your business online using these top strategies and techniques proven to bring exponential results.

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Online Marketing Blueprint

Make It Big On The Web

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