Giraffe University

Reach Higher in Business & Life

Step into Giraffe University, where visionaries thrive and businesses soar. Much like the giraffe who stands tall above the Savannah, our courses empower you to rise above challenges, harness unique strategies, and pave a distinctive path to success, wealth, and fulfillment.

with Chris Jarvis
3 passes 96+ Lessons

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For three decades, Chris Jarvis has been the guiding force behind successful business owners and billionaire families, navigating their most intricate business and financial challenges.

With a portfolio boasting 17 books, the distinction of the most-watched TED Talk of 2022, and unparalleled academic and entrepreneurial pursuits, Chris introduces the "Giraffe University" digital training suite.

Immerse yourself in the transformative Be the Giraffe — a 24-unit program crafted to reshape traditional thinking, propelling both your business and life to unprecedented heights.

Venture into Giraffe Money — a 12-unit curriculum, sculpted from Chris's vast engagements with the wealth elite, unearthing the mysteries of elevated wealth and challenging the norm.

Embark on the enlightening Uncaged journey — an 11-module course, carved from Chris's deep reservoir of insights, ushering you to unparalleled heights in every life facet.

Collectively, these three courses present a treasure trove of nearly 100 invaluable lessons. A compendium of wisdom, strategy, and insight that promises not just information, but transformation.

Dive into Giraffe University and redefine your horizons; the sky is no longer the limit.

I love Chris’ brilliant intellect, wonderful sense of humor, and no-BS approach to business and life. Chris is first and foremost a teacher who wants to help people by eliminating the unnecessary stress and aggravation around money. His motives are pure, and his advice is unbiased.

Jack Canfield, Co-creatorChicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles

Chris Jarvis

LeaderPass Expert

Chris Jarvis is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and financial fixer who has helped thousands of successful business owners and wealthy families build, protect, and transfer significant wealth. He helps you see differently, so you can business differently, money differently, life differently.

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3-Pass Bundle

The Giraffe University bundles all three Virtual Passes by Chris Jarvis into a single package.

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Be the Giraffe

Reach Higher in Business & Life

Learn to elevate your perspective, see what others can't, and reach heights others won't. Details

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Giraffe MONEY

YOUR Better Path to Elevated Wealth

Do you want to enjoy greater wealth and stop worrying about taxes, investments, high fees, and all the other threats? Details

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Be Free to Live Your Own Life

This course will show you how to leverage your natural strengths, break the bonds that are holding you back, and live life the way you want. Details

Be the Giraffe

Reach Higher in Business & Life

Be the Giraffe is a 24-unit program designed to help you evolve in your thinking so you can elevate your business and your life. These lessons are counterintuitive to everything you were taught in school and in your career.

People often ask: "Do the mega affluent know something that I don't? Are there any shortcuts or secrets to getting unstuck? Can I be super successful without killing myself in the process?" The simple answer is, “YES!” Your new guide, the giraffe, is going to show the way.

If you're like most entrepreneurs, you spend every day trying to rise above your competition to reach greater heights. Like the giraffe, you broke free from the herds of sheeple to do your own thing. To get to the next level, and stand above, there are 24 unique lessons from our guide.

If you want to evolve, elevate your perspective, and see a better path, then this is the course for you!

Giraffe MONEY

YOUR Better Path to Elevated Wealth

Giraffe MONEY is a specialized program that transforms how you perceive and manage your wealth. It confronts and defies every generic advice that the financial world throws at you.

The affluent, those who've truly tasted success, do they possess insights that remain concealed from the many? Is there a golden key that deciphers the enigma of effortless prosperity and wealth elevation? Emphatically, the answer stands: "YES!"

As an ambitious individual, each day is a quest, a challenge to outpace the mundane, to scale unprecedented summits. In the likeness of the giraffe, you've sidestepped the crowd, charting your unique trajectory. To redefine and grasp the essence of true wealth, Chris has curated 24 unparalleled modules.

Are you prepared to shift your lens, embrace a renewed worldview, and tread the trail less taken? Dive into this program; your future of enriched financial comprehension and mastery beckons.


Be Free to Live Your Own Life

Chris Jarvis has created a unique, interactive course that addresses the problems that financial firms, business consultants, and professional advisors ignore.

Beginning with a proprietary assessment, Chris will guide you through a deeper understanding of your scores in all five areas of life. The exercises will help you discover invaluable tactics to leverage your strengths, avoid common pitfalls, see better paths, and reach higherin all areas.

The goal of this high impact program is to show you tangible results in a matter of weeks — improve your health, enjoy your career, build deeper relationships, have more fun, all while creating more wealth!

If you're struggling to succeed and aren't sure where to start, or you are successful but feel unfulfilled or uninspired, UNCAGED is the course for you.

What You Will Learn

Featured Lessons from the three Virtual Passes (36 categories, 90+ lessons total)


Stop Majoring in Minor Things

Most business owners don't have the time to do what is necessary to get to the next level because they're too busy putting out fires. Take your business on safari with strategy and innovation workshops, employee surveys, an advisory board, and external consultants. Kickstart the process with Chris's self-assessment questions.


You're Not Crazy - You're Different

Entrepreneurs are distinct. While rewards can be vast, the world isn't designed for visionaries. Embrace your uniqueness, akin to how giraffes stand apart from other Savannah animals. Forge your own path instead of following the masses.


Why Best Practices are the Worst Ideas

Growing businesses need systems to scale, but over-systemization can stifle originality. Explore the business life cycle, standing out vs blending in, and overcoming worst-case scenarios.


Balance is for Boring People

While you can have it all, it's challenging to have it simultaneously. Understand how chasing balance can hinder progress. A new perspective on goal timing can enhance long-term balance.


Who Will Help You When You Need It Most

Entrepreneurship can be lonely. Amid multiple responsibilities, find ways to support yourself. Learn strategies to ensure you remain healthy and enjoy life.


What Got You Here Won't Get You There

To progress, leverage individuals with different skillsets. Chris shares insights on navigating growth phases and sourcing the right help.


How to Bet on Yourself

Entrepreneurship involves risks. Like the giraffe, which evolved to be more vulnerable yet gains unique advantages, discover how to harness vulnerability for success.



Your path is up to you. While failures and setbacks are part of the journey, it's crucial to take responsibility and persevere. Learn to overcome challenges and visualize success.


Don't Just Survive. Thrive!

Change is daunting but essential. By addressing challenges head-on, you can propel forward and reap substantial rewards.


Your Dirty Little Secret... to Success

Every entrepreneur has setbacks or driving factors. By recognizing and leveraging these experiences, you can set your business apart.


How to Say No and Hear Yes

In a sea of businesses, stand out by identifying your unique offerings. Focus on a niche, reduce client acquisition costs, and enhance profitability.


Work Less and Enjoy More

Chris introduces the 90/10 principle, highlighting the importance of re-evaluating our actions to achieve maximum fulfillment.


Make Your Business Work for You

Is your business facilitating a wholesome life? Understand the power of delegation and realign with your company's core purpose.


How are the Rich Different?

Explore the mindset and psychology differences integral to long-term wealth accumulation and legacy creation.


Leverage – Work Less & Make More

Master the art of leverage. Value time over money and achieve more with less effort.


The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly of Advisors

Identify if your advisors serve your best interests. Learn strategies to reduce fees and ensure your advisors align with your goals.


Protect Your Wealth from Lawsuits and Divorce

Safeguard your assets and future income. Implement wealth protection planning to avoid losses and benefit in multiple ways.


6 Ways to Reduce 5 Types of Taxes

Understand various taxes and learn strategies to minimize your tax burden, a key distinction between the super wealthy and others.


How to Get Your Giraffe MONEY Now

Efficient planning is essential. By engaging the right advisors, you can optimize results and secure second opinions.


Taking the Next Big Step on Your Journey

When ready to progress, seek guidance from experienced individuals. This lesson offers various avenues to elevate your journey.


Chris has a knack for decoding complexities into simplified concepts that solve big issues!

Rebecca Finell, FounderBoon, Finell Co., Zip Top

Having a high-priced team of professional firms working for you doesn’t mean you are getting the best possible advice. I highly recommend you talk to Chris and see what you might be missing.

Gordon Logan, CEOSport Clips

Chris' time and talents to help our medical school address healthcare, economic and social challenges have made him an invaluable member of my advisory board.

Less Hall, MD, DeanUniversity of South Carolina, School of Medicine Columbia


Giraffe University

Reach Higher in Business & Life

Step into Giraffe University, where visionaries thrive and businesses soar. Much like the giraffe who stands tall above the Savannah, our courses empower you to rise above challenges, harness unique strategies, and pave a distinctive path to success, wealth, and fulfillment.

with Chris Jarvis
3 passes 96+ Lessons

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Giraffe University

Reach Higher in Business & Life

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Giraffe University

Reach Higher in Business & Life

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