Rick Petry, Esq.

Internationally Recognized Authority on Organizational Culture & Human Performance Excellence

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Rick has represented individuals and companies for nearly 20 years in criminal defense, personal injury, commercial litigation, and real estate matters as a trial attorney.

What makes him unique is that Rick is also an author and expert in human performance excellence, leadership development, and helping organizations develop high performing cultures.

Rick has a science-backed message of success and high-performance excellence with an inspiring style that helps organizations shift their performance perspectives, both personally and professionally.

As an internationally recognized leader in peak performance strategies, Rick delivers the innovative, unique and powerful Success Principles, Breaking Free, and Pursuit of Excellence performances to enthusiastic audiences around the globe.

Industries from higher education, direct sales, insurance, law, real estate and many others have been inspired and empowered by Rick’s powerful messages.

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Rick Petrys is phenomenal! He is honest. He is inspiring and he knows what he’s talking about.

Michael Port – Co-Creator of Heroic Public Speaking and New York Times Best Selling Author