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Giraffe University by Chris Jarvis

Giraffe University, a pioneering 3-Pass Bundle by Chris Jarvis, with a focus on learning in wealth, success, and team growth.

Case study
Client Chris Jarvis
Type Live course
Name Giraffe University
Category Wealth, success, team growth
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The challenge

Chris Jarvis approached LeaderPass with his extensive wisdom, accumulated over three decades of guiding successful business owners and billionaire families, to help make his content more accessible and impactful for a broad audience. Jarvis's expertise, encapsulated in 17 books and a record-breaking TED Talk, demanded a unique digital platform that could seamlessly convey his deep insights into wealth management, personal growth, and team development.

Giraffe University aimed to transcend traditional e-learning boundaries by offering not just one, but three comprehensive courses: "Be the Giraffe," "Giraffe Money," and "Uncaged." Each course needed to be distinct yet complementary, together forming a holistic educational journey that challenged conventional thinking and unlocked new potentials in business and personal life.

Our approach

LeaderPass embraced this challenge by creating a 3-Pass Bundle that encapsulated the essence of Chris Jarvis's teachings. The answer was meticulously crafting "Be the Giraffe," a 24-unit program designed to reshape traditional business and life perspectives; "Giraffe Money," a 12-unit curriculum derived from Jarvis’s interactions with the wealth elite, revealing secrets of elevated wealth management; and "Uncaged," an 11-module course that offered unparalleled insights into achieving success in every facet of life.

LeaderPass’ technological capabilities ensured an immersive, interactive, and flexible learning experience. The courses were structured to cater to diverse learning styles, with a focus on practical applications and strategic thinking, ensuring that each participant could integrate these lessons into their personal and professional journeys.

The result

Giraffe University is now a groundbreaking educational suite in the fields of wealth, success, and team growth. The 3-Pass Bundle effectively disseminated Jarvis's extensive knowledge, transforming the way individuals and businesses approach their growth and development strategies.

The LeaderPass team stepped in and did everything from filming to editing, to the sales page tying in perfectly with my brand. The studios were great and their focused attention is what won me over!

Chris Jarvis, Giraffe University, best-selling author

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