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Filming & Editing

Our studio uniquely offers both cinematic quality and affordability for your projects, staffed with skilled professionals who are dedicated to balancing exceptional work and speedy delivery.

Drawing on our experience, we've seen that a professional and polished production greatly boosts the likelihood of your program's success with both individuals and companies. When combined with the LeaderPass platform, our studios offer a unique blend of technology and creativity, taking your content to the next level.

This powerful combination not only delivers your message with a strong impact but also clearly demonstrates the quality and worth of investing time and money in learning from you.

I provided 25 lessons I knew I could teach based on my experience. They mapped out the film day. All I had to do was show up to the studio, follow their lead, and teach what I already knew.

Tiffany G., Non-profit event consultant

Leaderpass Studios

Your one-stop destination to transform your knowledge into captivating digital experiences.

Imagine a studio experience that's fun, low stress, and outcome-driven, where your visionary ideas are nurtured into cinematic excellence – that's the unique opportunity we offer at our Atlanta facility.

Our focus is to give you a creative environment and team that produces the highest possible outcome and helps you establish a meaningful connection with your audience. We do that by:

  • Bringing a team with 2 decades of experience in event and course creation
  • Utilizing high quality equipment for lights, camera, action
  • Providing multiple set options and filming environments
  • Giving you best practices for messaging and communication
  • Offering affordable pricing at masterclass level quality

Combining elevated production with affordability and speed, we make sure your ideas are not only brilliantly realized, but also ready to launch in record time.

We go beyond just filming; we collaborate with you to create engaging, high-impact content that resonates with your users and effectively communicate your unique value to your audience.

For Subject Matter Experts

Transform your knowledge and working experience into market-ready, captivating offerings and products.

For Coaches

Develop foundational content that not only engages but also elevates the value of your coaching program.

For Speakers

Add revenue streams to your keynotes and expand your reach beyond the stage.

20 years

at the forefront of professional event production & digital video

Elevate your digital presence

If you possess real-world expertise that you're eager to monetize with quality and professionalism, LeaderPass Studios is here to help you turn your knowledge into market-ready, engaging products.

At LeaderPass, we don't just create content; we create legacies. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey, making your digital presence as impactful as your expertise.

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