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Forget the complexities of live streaming; our concierge service is here to facilitate every aspect, ensuring a smooth, high-definition experience for you and your audience.

Step into the zoom-free era of broadcasting with LeaderPass, where vibrant interactions and crystal-clear streaming bring your live events and coaching programs to life like never before.

Boost Engagement & Value

Going live with LeaderPass means more than just broadcasting; it's about creating real-time connections that significantly boost engagement and add lasting value to your content. That is the power of going live.

High-Quality Broadcasts

Our turnkey solution handles everything – we provide the bandwidth, setup, and live user support – ensuring your live streams are seamless, engaging, and of the highest quality.

Front Row Feature & Live Chat

Elevate your live sessions with our Front Row feature, allowing select users to join you on-screen for direct interaction, complemented by a lively chat feature on the platform, fostering a fully interactive and dynamic audience experience. This is our way of helping you truly have interactive audience connection.

Using LeaderPass for my 'Win Win Charity Show' every Monday has been a game-changer. The Front Row feature, in particular, brings a unique interactive dimension that our audience loves.

Jeff Civilico, FounderWin Win Charity

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Experience the vibrancy of interactive live sessions with LeaderPass. Reach out to us today and elevate your engagement to new heights.

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