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Find Your ITFactor by Emily Ford

personal growth lifestyle

A comprehensive deep-dive coaching video program designed to guide purposeful entrepreneurs in increasing their business success, personal empowerment, and living a high-performance lifestyle.

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Elite entrepreneur Emily crafted an interactive training program based upon strategies she used to build her own nine-figure business.

The it'sEmily Method is a high-caliber digital training program that provides you with a blueprint to accelerate your goals. It was created for purposeful entrepreneurs who want to uplevel their current business efforts and be seen as power players in their respective industries.

Emily created this course for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to expand their skill sets with high-caliber results oriented training that helps them reach another level of success on their terms. This is your roadmap to help you create a success mindset, reverse engineer your goals, and master your prestige, grace, and excellence.

Enough with learning the concepts and ideas, it's now time to learn the HOW of things.

Emily is one of those trainers you love to listen to and walk away with value every time.

Eric Worre, GoPro founder

The Expert / Emily

Today, Emily is an internationally recognized entrepreneur who has packed areas and events with 12,000+ people, speaking on business coaching, mindset breakthroughs, motivational stories, and more.

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Emily is a badass woman, one who knows how to show up for herself and her team. Her energy is infectious and she walks the talk showing us all the true meaning of BOSS!

Brooke Burke, celebrity fitness enetrepreneur

Lesson plan / itsEMILY Method

  • 11 Categories

    Eleven overall categories make it easy for you to find your bearing as you progress through the course.
  • 70+ Lessons

    Each Lesson laser-focused on a specific topic. The total runtime of all lessons is 912 hours.
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Think BIGGER Picture

Showing up for yourself feels good, but you'll feel even better when you give it away. In this lesson, Emily challenges you to think bigger picture: who are you getting motivated for?


Why Scheduling Your Life Matters

Emily shares the story of how she realized her time was being taken over by other people's schedules and illustrates why setting a schedule for every element of your life is essential to creating a healthy balance.


Understanding Your 4 Zones of Competency

Have you ever heard the saying "you don't know what you don't know"? Get a better understanding of what you don't know as Emily breaks down the 4 zones of competency.


Why A Morning & Night Routine Is A Must

Do you have a morning or night routine that you stick to? If not, it's vital that you do! Listen and learn as Emily explains why bookending your day is a must-have if you want to significantly improve your life.


My Morning Routine

Ready to get your morning routine in motion? Use Emily's personal morning routine as a guide to get started, and make sure that no matter what you STOP getting on your phone once you wake up.


T.U.N.E. Your Frequency

Once you know what your frequency level is, it's time to T.U.N.E. it! Set a habit every hour to start T.U.N.E. -ing with this essential process from Emily.


Without Grace, You Will Be Miserable

Want to know Emily's big secret to success? It's having grace! For Emily grace means her religion, but your grace may look completely different. Whatever it may be, having grace is the key to a successful life.


Finding Your Zone Of Genius

Are you ready to find your zone of genius? Get out some paper and a pen and start writing down your answers to these essential guiding questions as Emily guides you through an exercise to help find that sweet spot.


Asking Quality Questions

Have you ever felt out of love with your life? That's your wake up moment! If you're in one of these moments, start asking yourself quality questions to improve your life right now.


What A New Level Of Confidence Can Do

Gaining a new level of confidence is life-changing. Learn from Emily's personal experience with confidence building and see for yourself how much positive change can come from newfound confidence.


How To Improve Your Relationship with Money

Get ready to change your relationship with money! Follow along as Emily guides you out of a Scarcity Mindset and into a loving relationship with your money.


What Is Your Frequency Output?

Do you know your frequency output? Listen and learn as Emily breaks down the different types of frequencies and explains why it's important to be in tune with the frequency level that you're putting out on a daily basis.


3 Powerful Pre-Objections To Start Using

Are you ready to start pre-objecting? Take notes as Emily shares her 3 favorite pre-objections to use in your presentations.


3 Strike Rule For Negative People

As a leader, bringing in positive energy is essential to attracting success to your business. In this lesson, Emily outlines 3 negative aspects to keep an eye out for and teaches you the 3 strike rule.


The Power of Manifesting

What does it mean to really manifest something? To Emily, it means making something happen. Follow along as Emily illustrates the power of making things happen through an example from her own journey.


What Is A Vision Board?

Have you ever created a vision board? If you've never created one before, listen closely as Emily explains what a vision board is and gets you ready to learn why having a vision board is so helpful.


Why It's Important To Have A Vision Board

Have you ever taken the time to get specific about what you want and why you want it? With a vision board, you can illustrate and amplify your desires. Hear this and many other reasons as to why Emily believes keeping a vision board is so important.


Using Reverse Engineering To Make Your Vision A Reality

It's time to turn your vision into a reality. In this lesson, Emily shows you how to reverse engineer your dreams into a tangible action plan.


The 5 Steps To Creating Your Success Blueprint

Are you ready to start taking action? Choose one goal to practice with and watch along as Emily takes you through the 5 steps to creating your success blueprint.


The 80/20 Rule

Emily shares something near and dear to her heart with you: if you're only hitting 80% of your goal, you're still making progress. Focus on the things you did accomplish this year and celebrate those wins instead of getting stuck in the losses.


You Are Meant To Make An Impact

It's natural to question your ability to make an impact - everyone has been through this pit of doubt at some point, no matter where they are now. In this video, Emily shares her experience with this same doubt and reminds you that leadership is a decision anyone can make.


Level 1

Level 1 of your leadership journey is all about position. Follow along as Emily takes you through this essential starting point and gets your ready to take on level 2.


Level 2

Now that you've mastered position, it's time to take on level 2 of the leadership journey. This level is all about the relationships in your life: how to seek them, how to build them, and how to retain them.


What Does It Mean To Become Memorable?

Becoming memorable means that the presence you bring to your interactions leaves people wanting more. Follow along as Emily breaks down this definition and shows you how to approach memorability.


The SOFTEN Technique

Emily's SOFTEN technique is perfect if you want to become masterful at being memorable. Learn this simple technique to enhance your ability to leave an impression in your everyday interactions.


Why You MUST Make People Feel Heard

Making people feel heard is vital to having a successful life. Emily stresses this point and shows you how to make people feel heard.


Why Presenting With Prestige Matters

Emily brings you back 10 years to the start of her career and shares a story that illustrates why presenting with prestige really matters.


3 Sections of A Successful Presentation

Once it's time to put together your presentation, where do you begin? Emily introduces the 3 part outline you need to take your talk to the next level.

...plus 48 more Lessons!

Reviews / What others say

Emily, you are raw, real, intelligent, interesting and beyond beautiful. I am so grateful to know you and have your amazing wisdom in my life.

Keaton Kilkenny, Wisconsin

You have shown me what's possible, that no dream is ever too big, and that getting into action and being real with yourself is what is necessary to attain them.

Marisa Thomas Bonney, business owner

Emily is genuine and truly cares. I was blown away by her generosity and knowledge, wisdom, insight, and expertise. If you are thinking about working with Emily, you need to start thinking now - make certain that you take that step because she is an absolute Rockstar.

Dr. Marcus Chacos, founder Chiropractic Education Online

LeaderPass Course

itsEMILY Method

Find Your ITFactor by Emily Ford

personal growth lifestyle

A comprehensive deep-dive coaching video program designed to guide purposeful entrepreneurs in increasing their business success, personal empowerment, and living a high-performance lifestyle.

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itsEMILY Method

Find Your ITFactor

A comprehensive deep-dive coaching video program designed to guide purposeful entrepreneurs in increasing their business success, personal empowerment, and living a high-performance lifestyle.

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itsEMILY Method

Find Your ITFactor

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